Some might argue that traditional good looks are not an indication of a person's real attractiveness?

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after an initial short period of physical attraction the basic character of the person becomes most importnat
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If a narcissist is attracted to good-looking people why would he dump you for someone less attractive?

I think it would drive an N nuts to date someone more goodlooking then HE is. It's all fun and nice dating a hot girl, but imagine how insecure how he must be ! He probably couldn't take the insecurity and is now with someone less attractive so he can have the upper hand and be the hot one in the re ( Full Answer )

What would cause the FUSE indicator to appear in the instrument panel when the fuses look good?

\n. \n Answer 1, fuseable link \n. \nThere are 2 fuse panels in almost every vehicle, one inside and one out in the engine compartment so check them both. Then there are small square boxes with clear tops usually in the engine compartment panel and these are fuseable links ( basicly fuses ) ch ( Full Answer )

How do you look attractive?

1.) Get a tan. 2.) if your a guy- get six pack abs, if your a girl- get slim. 3.) get a stylish haircut. 4.) exercise and eat healthier- you'll look 10x better. 5.) get lots of sleep. 6.) shower of course. 7.) wear nice clothes that suit you. 8.) be confident and smile. 9.) use mouthwash!!!

What are some good tourist attractions in Oklahoma?

Well, there are thousands of "good" tourist attractions located inOklahoma. Some of them include, the OKC Bombing Site (in OklahomaCity), the Phillips 66 Museum in Bartlesville, the Golden Drillerlocated outside of the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Tulsa, theBartlesville Historical Museum (located n ( Full Answer )

How can you look attractive?

find out what the girl likes then do it then if you are lucky she will snog you!

When buying memory what can you look for that might indicate that the memory is remanufactured?

If The surface does not seem polished or you can scrach off the markings with your finger nail or a knife, suspect that the chip has been re-marked.. Additionally, each chip on the module should have a Date-Stamp that indicates its date of manufacture. The date will be in YYMM format. Modules with ( Full Answer )

Why might some Jews have chosen to change from orthodox tradition and become reform Jews?

Orthodox Jews are the people that want to keep tradition. Reform want 2 change things. I think that Orthodox Jews chose to break away from orthodox tradition and become reform Jews because they didn't like the whole tradition of orthodox Jews and all the rules they had to stick to such as observe al ( Full Answer )

Is argueing good for a relationship?

Answer . Within reason. It can clear the air at times, but then it's important to part ways and cool off for an hour or so and then discuss the problem and come to some agreement between the two of you or, if one of the two is wrong then be mature enough to admit the wrong and apologize. I wouldn ( Full Answer )

What are some good indicators for choosing a karate school?

Posted by KempoJoe in another answer: The fact is it does depend on the school or Dojo. Its location, and most of all the instructor.. There are some very important factors to look at before you consider the cost.. 1. What kind of training does the instructor have? Just because you are great at ( Full Answer )

What are some good examples of traditional French food?

Traditional French food includes: - Crepes - Tarts - Pastries (such as croissants) - Cheese and Wine - Steak Frites - Cassoulet - escargot (snails) - Moule frites - Duck a l'orange See related links for more examples.

Does a person's phenotype indicate what their genotype is?

In some cases but not others. Certain alleles can be dominant, which means that they will dictate the phenotype should there be a clash of alleles in the genotype. Other alleles can be recessive, which means you'd need both of these alleles in these genotype in order for it to dictate the phenotype. ( Full Answer )

What indicates that a person's cellebrum is damaged?

The most characteristic symptom of cerebellar degeneration is a wide-legged, unsteady, lurching walk, usually accompanied by a back and forth tremor in the trunk of the body. Other symptoms include slow, unsteady and jerky movement of the arms or legs, slowed and slurred speech, and nystagmus -- r ( Full Answer )

What might be the result if a person's cerebellum was damaged?

The person might have difficulty with overall coordination and lose their senses because this is one of the most important parts of your brain and with out senses you couldn't see, hear, touch, taste, or smell anything

What are some good examples of traditional Arabic food in English?

WELL their are lots of traditional arbic foods one if the most common that i know of is kabsa kabsa is almost like baryan but it has tomato spicy rice and chicken that thas been very well cooked some arabs put loez loez is like a crunch seed that some people like to eat with kabsa and more trtaditio ( Full Answer )

What are indications that a person's airway is blocked?

The person can not speak or cry out. The person's face turns blue from lack of oxygen. The person desperately grabs at his or her throat. The person has a weak cough, and labored breathing produces a high-pitched noise.

How to look attractive?

If you relate the word "Attractive" to science and the animal kingdom, you discover a lot. With most animals, an organism will try to choose the healthiest mate they can find. If you try to picture what you think is attractive, you would probably find that it is the same concept. For men and women, ( Full Answer )

Is argus flich good or bad?

Argus Filch is a good guy, but he has a never ending war against magical students because he is jealous of them as he is a squib.

What indicator you look for that might indicate non-accidental injury?

The context of what you already know about the child's family and culture * any sudden or unexplained changes in the child's behaviour * whether there is a group of indicators rather than a single indicator * specific injures. Children will suffer various minor injures from time and time, suc ( Full Answer )

How can a good looking 70 year old woman attract a man?

Just like you did before, get yourself out there and mingle with people around your age. Try singles groups, hobbies you're interested in, and such. You can use to create or find groups in your city that are hobby oriented. Also try out some of the dating sites, such as, and OKCupid ( Full Answer )

What are some good attractions in Lake Worth FL?

Lake Worth, Florida has a lot of public parks, and a municipal beach. It has a casino building and a ton of retail shops. They also host some festivals and have a municipal golf course.

What are some good tourist attractions in Naples Florida?

There's a wide array of good tourist attractions in Naples, Florida. For the art lover there's the Philharmonic Center for the Arts. For nature lovers, there's also the Naples Botanical Garden and the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

What are some indications that teen girls might be lesbians?

Truthfully, there are no indications. Much like heterosexuals, homosexuals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Teenagers especially can be unsure and experimental, discovering for themselves who they are and could be going through a phase. The best way to know is to respectfully ( Full Answer )

What kinds of things indicate person's mood?

How a person looks is a big indicator of how they feel. People whoare in a bad mood often fail to do activities of daily living suchas combing their hair or showering.

Where might you look on the internet on the good scientific information about an illness?

A regular internet search (like google or yahoo) will give youlinks to a good deal of information about an illness. It may alsopoint you to a good deal of misinformation about the illness. Youneed to use your judgement to determine the good from the badinformation and you most likely actually need t ( Full Answer )