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An essential oil carries a distinctive scent of the plant from which it was extracted. Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth and is considered a strengthening tonic, while pine oil has stimulating effects on the adrenal cortex.

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Is oil a fat food?

Only some oils are fattening. Some oils, like vegetable oils and such, are somewhat good for humans

Can birds eat peanut butter?

Sometimes, the birds dianamal period structure can some times be harmed by the xeophon oils in peanuts can have a nutralizing effect. Although, some times the seturate acid in peanuts can have a positive effect and stimulate brain activity in some bird.

What is a sentence using stimulate?

An attractive coupon in your local paper may stimulate some sales.

How does regular brushing benefit your hair?

Brushing your hair will stimulate your scalp and help your hair grow . Also it helps your natural oils to polish and make your hair shine.

How can you stimulate your nipple?

Suck it or get some one else to

What are good oils for meditation?

Meditation is not a question of what oils, clothes, scents, or music you use. Being free from distraction is the "aid" you want to employ. Consider that all the aids which stimulate your senses pull you back into the physical world where you are now - they are just more things to not pay attention to.

What is the difference between ordinary oils and essential oils?

Essential oils are actually not "oils" at all. They are volatile organic compounds made up of a variety of chemicals but because they contain no lipids, they are not technically considered oils--at least nutritionally. "Ordinary" vegetable oils, on the other hand, contain lipids and that's what makes them "oils". Some vegetable oils contain what scientists call essential fatty acids. These are fatty acids that the body needs but cannot make on its own. But they should not be confused with the botanical extracts known as essential oils. Essential oils are oils that use in aromatherapy. These oils have a therapeutic property and if use correctly can overcome some health problems.

Where can I find some now essential oils?

Now essential oils can be bought online easily. Sites like is where I buy my now essential oils from.

Does 70 percent alcohol work good for oily skin?

No. It will strip your skin of its natural oils and stimulate it to produce even more to protect it from the terrible treatment you're inflicting upon it.

What aromatherapy oils can be used on thyroid issues?

Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta ssp nepeta.) for Hyper-thyroidism Myrrh - general stimulant for the thyroid. Palmarosa - inhaled to stimulate the thyroid. Like all essential oils, it is not recommended you undertake your own treatment, always consult a qualified aromatherapist.

Name some expectorant oils?

Some expectorant oils are : eucalyptus, peppermint , atlas cedarwood, sandalwood , Lemon All of these are good for treating colds coughs and congestion. For more detailed on which essential oils uses in respiratory problems,:

Why are plastic containers unsuitable for storing essential oils?

It is not recommended to use plastic containers to store essential oils because the plastic will absorb the oils. Most plastics are made of some petroleum constituents and will alter the oils also.

How can you stimulate your penis?

Dip it in some milk then shove it in a pie! :D

What are some of the best ways to stimulate the female clitorus?

put a sander on it

What are the functions of skin oils?

The function of skin oils is to keep the skin hydrated so it doesn't dry out also some of the oils being released are excess amounts and need to be excreted

What are some of taiga's natural resources?

oils and metals!!!

Are oils saturated or unsaturated?

Oils contain both unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. See Related Links. Most oils are lower in saturated fatty acids than some solid shortenings or animal fats - except for the tropical oils.

What are some good diet plans to lower cholesterol?

Consider switching low-cholesterol oils for your current cooking oils. Canola, olive and peanut oils are much lower in cholesterol than butter, animal fats, and coconut and palm oils.

What happens to the perfume after it dries?

The alcohol solvent and volatile oils evaporate (producing the smell) but some dissolve in the skin oils which means that some smell lingers on the person using it. Also there can be reactions with the skin's oils with some people causing an unpleasant odour after a time. (some people place the perfume in a locket to avoid this).

How do neurons stimulate or inhibit other neurons?


What is the noun of stimulate?

The noun for for the verb stimulate is stimulation.

Why do essential oils burn?

Some essential oils will burn (like peppermint, oregano) because they are potent and volatile. It is good to dilute these oils before use. Young Living Therapeutic Grade oils will give you instruction on how to use each oil for your safety.

What is the difference between swedish and aromatherapy massages?

They are the same with the exception that an Aromatherapy Massage uses Essential oils to relax or stimulate the senses while receiving the massage. Generally an aromatherapy massage is a Swedish style modality.

What are some examples for unsaturated fats?

Oils are unsaturated fats.

Somatomedins directly stimulate what?

directly stimulate mitosis in chondrocytes

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