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Sulfur a yellow, odorless solid. It is not soluble in water. The melting point is 388.36 K and the boiling point is 717.8 K. Sulfur is used in matches, gunpowder, and fertilizer.

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Is Sulfur a physical property or chemical property?

Neither. Sulfur is an element by it self , that has its own physical and chemical properties.

What are some special properties of sulphur?

Some of the sulfur special properties are odorless, tasteless and its color

Is sulfur a medicine?

Sort of. It has some medicinal properties, and many drugs are sulfur compounds.

Is sulfur similar to other elements?

Sulfur is similar to elements present in its group. It belongs to group-16. Other elements of this group like oxygen have same properties.

What are facts about Physical Properties?

Here are some facts about physical properties:There are lots of physical properties.Some physical properties are simple and easy to understand.Some physical properties are complex and hard to understand.Some physical properties are self-evident while others are hidden.Not all physical properties are applicable to all objects.This question is unreasonably broad, so the only answers possible are equally broad (and snarky.)

What is some physical properties of ununquadium?

The physical and chemical properties of ununquadium are not known.

What are some chemical properties of the sulfur?

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What are the physical properties of uranium?

some physical properties are its density,boiling point. Physical properties are characteristics that can be observed or measured about a substance.

What are some physical properties of orange juice?

Some physical properties of orange juice are that it is orange, it is sweet, and it is

Is the mixing of iron and sulfur a physical change or chemical change?

It is always categorized as a Physical change as no new substance with different properties forms.

What are the physical properties of aspirin?

Some physical properties are thin ( when gridded) and white. that is all i can think of.

What are some physical properties of meteors?

The physical properties of the meteors are that they are rocky and parts of other asteroids.

Have iron and sulfur undergone change in properties after mixing?

No. Making mixtures are physical changes and the chemical substances will not change.

Is sulfur a chemical or physical property?

Sulfur is a physical element.

What are the physical properties of chalcogens?

The chalcogens are oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and polonium. They don't have much in common as far as physical properties are concerned... for example, oxygen is a gas at room temperature, and the others are all solids.

What are two physical properties of helium?

Helium has many physical properties. Some of them are: mass, density and volume.

Physical properties of boron?

some physical properties of Boron are: its color is black, it is a solid and it is rough shape

What are krypton's physical properties?

Some of krypton's physical properties: Colorless, tasteless, oderless and is a noble gas.

What is a physical property of sulfur?

Its colour, its melting point, its boiling point, whether it is magnetic or not, whether it is an electrical conductor or not and its atomic mass are all physical properties.

Why would you expect lithium and sulfur to have different chemical and physical properties?

Because they both have a different number of valence electrons in their outer shells, and that is what determines the properties of the element.

What are the physical properties and chemical properties should coins have?

Some of the physical properties that a coin should have are: Appearance, durability, Density, and melting point

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