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An undocumented immigrant

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Purchasing products from other countries is generally called importing. Exporting is when you ship products out from your own country to others. Illegally purchasing products from another country and sneaking them is is called smuggling.

Some say "undocumented", others say "illegal". I prefer to call the person by his or her name.

It is someone who has been exiled (banished) and forced to live in another country.

That person would be called a missionary. The work would be called missions.

Someone who catches animals illegally is called a poacher.

Someone who betrays their country is called a traitor

A country that is a 'friend' of another country is called an ally.

If a country is governed by another country it becomes a colony.

It is difficult to have a relationship with someone in another country. You should consider ending the relationship if he cares so little that he is not concerned about you.

When you leave a country it is called emigration.When you arrive in a country it is called immigration.

its called nationalism or, it could be colonization.

That is an invasion when one country takes another.

That is called an 'Alliance' or a 'defence pact'

A person who leaves a country to go live permanently in another is called an emmigrant,

A territory under the control of another country is called a colony.

When a company hires people in another country to do work for them, it is called outsourcing.

That is called an 'Alliance' or a 'mutual defence pact'

When you buy something from another country it's called 'importing' and when your country sells to other countries it's called 'exporting.'

It is called poaching or to poach.

a person that moves from 1 country to another is called an immigrant!!

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