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Try having the ATF and transmission filter changed. If that doesn't help you probably have a failing "valve body" in the transmission.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 15:16:31
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Q: Sometimes it will change gears and sometimew it won't sometimes it will go into reverse and some times it won'tis there a computer chip for shifting?
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On a 1992 dodge caravan when you drive it is not shifting into a higher gear and sometimes when you drive the rpm go up and drops into a lower gear?

Have the trans computer checked for codes. The tcm will have set a code.

Why would there be difficulty sometimes shifting a manual 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

Perhaps the clutch isn't completely disengaging. Are you certain that you're pushing the clutch in completely? Sometimes a warped clutch will be difficult to shift.

I sometimes have problems shifting into first in my 1988 Chevy cavalier z24 why does this happen and what could you do to fix it?

clutch or trany problem, possible shifter issue

If you have a 98 ford explorer with a automatic transmission what cause it to idle high sometimes?

possibly the throttle position sensor the sensor will also change the shifting pattern

What would make your 98 achieva lurch ahead when slowing and chug when shifting to second or third and even die when you brake sometimes?

probuly in the egr system

What would cause my 2001 olds alero to keep shifting from overdrive to drive steadly as your driving and then sometimes it don't do it at all?

torkconveter lockup switch is faulty

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Gearshift sticks..when placed in park its hard to shift it to drive..automatic trans..i turn wheel to sometimes unstick it...?

Keep your foot on the brake pedal when shifting out of park, as there is a switch there to prevent the accidental engagement of the transmission. Sometimes the switch sticks so you have to pump the brake pedal a few times, but always keep the pedal down when shifting out of park. If this does not help then the switch is probably bad.

Your 1995 164LS transmission is not shifting out of 1st gear sometimes At the same time the speedometer does not work Ive rebuilt transmission and replaced computer Is there a speed sensor?

Yes there is a speedometer sensor on top of the tranny that feeds the transmission computer and the speedo gauge. See the service manual for details on where it is, I believe on the LS it is acccessible without having to drop the tranny.

Why does your Buick keeping shifting between gears?

Because you bought a Buick. They are sometimes known to have this problem, so it is advisable to see a mechanic or...get a new car. That is the only known reason.

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Shifting leaver is loose in steering column 94 ford cube van?

check out the linkage on the transmission sometimes the bolt can loosen up or the linkage cable in the steering colomn may need to be tightened.

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Our 2004 Avalon has a very jerky shifting action. When we bought it the RPMs were running high and that was fixed but the shifting is not smooth.?

is the car cold when you observe this? -> common problem, especially between 2nd and 3rd gear. Another thing i have observed is that if you accelerate with a lead foot or with a really light touch, they both produce a fairly smooth shifting. However, when you drive moderately, the shifting can be noticeable..and sometimes feel like being jerked.. running synthetic transmission like mobil 1 may helped a bit..

Why does my 2000 Impala shift hard sometimes and not all the time. Might be shifting hard and then stop to go in a store for a minute and then get in car to leave and shifts just fine.?

When shifting problems occur, it is usually due to the transmission. If a transmission fluid and filter change has never been done on the vehicle, this would be the first rememdy.Ê

What would cause door locks to operate only sometimes when shifting from park to drive in a 2001 Grand Am?

In my '95 Grand AM it was the CTSY fuse that connects the cigarette lighter with the power lock buttons on the doors. Try replacing that.

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Hard shifting with 2000 Pontiac Montana a computer problem?

Could be computer related. But alot of time the shifter Solonide goes on them. Get it checked out for that.

What controls the shifting of a 1997 Chevy Tahoe?

The PCM. POWER TRAIN CONTROL MODULE does. ( computer )

What keeps a 04 ram 2500 from shifting into fourth when in towhaul mode?

The computer controls the shifts.

What are the various causes for rough shifting in forward gears Also in reverse it sort of locks up feels as if the emergency break comes on it sometimes wont move especially backing uphil?

If its a chrysler you might have a bad solenoid pack

2003 dodge grand caravan that when down shifting pounds into gear what is wrong?

A lot of these vans had software upgrades for trans shifting issues. The dealer can "flash" new software into the computer.

Does the transmission have to be plugged in to the computer to work on a 2002 dodge ram pickup?

no, try turning on the engine Yes, the engine computer controls the shifting of the trans.

Why would car sometimes run and idle fine but sometimes stall while idling with clutch in. low oil light also randomly comes on when shifting?

My car does the same thing, except for the low oil... from time to time when I come to a stop I'll push in the clutch and it will randomly stall... I think its b/c my idle is not set high enough, but there could be a different reason...