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Sometmes when you touch in Italian dan hill?

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What was Matthew McConaughey's ringtone in Tropic Thunder?

Sometimes when we touch by Dan Hill- hilarious!Sometimes when we touch by Dan Hill

Who was the artist who sang the song 'sometimes when we touch?

Dan Hill-1978

What song did manny pacquiao sang on jimmy kimmel?

Sometimes,when we touch a song by Dan Hill

Is Dan hill related to Faith hill?

Dan Hill is her ex husband.

Who was the original singer of sometimes when you touch?

If memory serves me right I think it is Donna Summers.

Is dan hill gay?

According to, Dan Hill has stated that he is a homosexual.

When was Dan Hill born?

Dan Hill was born on June 3, 1954.

Was Faith Hill married to Dan Hill?


How old is Dan Hill?

Canadian singer Dan Hill is 63 years old (born Daniel Hill IV, June 3, 1954).

Who was Faith Hill married to before Tim McGraw?

Dan Hill

Who is dan hill?

A born survivor!

When did Dan Hill - American football - die?

Dan Hill - American football - died on 1989-08-24.

When was Dan Hill - American football - born?

Dan Hill - American football - was born on 1917-03-08.

What is Dan Hill's birthday?

Dan Hill was born on June 3, 1954.

How long was Faith Hill married to dan hill?

they were married for 5 years

Does dan die on One Tree Hill?

Dan has not died on One Tree Hill. He just lives in hiding, and has appearing during the 8th season.

Who is Nathan's dad on CW's One Tree Hill?

Nathan's dad is called Dan Scott on One Tree Hill. Dan is also Lucas's dad.

Does Dan die in One Tree Hill?


Who is Nathan's dad on one three hill?


What happens to dan from the show One Tree Hill in the final season?

Well, Dan finds Nathan and he (DAN) gets shot. and he died :,( ~

What is the name of Nathan's dad on One Tree Hill?


On one three hill who is nathan's dad?

Dan Scott

In One Tree Hill who is Nathan dad?

Dan Scott.

Who is the father of Victoria Justice baby?

the father is Dan hill

What does Dan Y bryn in Welsh mean?

Below the hill