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You will need to have him contact the benefits coordinator for the health insurance, some start immediately some have a time frame, I hope they do, and Congratulations on becoming a grandma !

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Your friend sold you his car take over paymentsHe took the car off his insurance you insured the car and then totaled it but you are not on the title Will your insurance company pay for it?

As long as you have the title that he signed off of it and you signed on and you have insurance on the vehicle it will be covered.

Can a hospital make you pay more than your medical insurance out of pocket maxium?

Take a look at the paperwork you signed at the hospital, it probably states on there somewhere that YOU are responsible for any amounts not covered by your insurance coverage.That means that the hospital can try to collect any amounts, that your insurance coverage does not pay for, directly from you.If you have already reached your maximum out of pocket limit through your insurance, your insurance should pay for the total amount of the bill from the hospital... but be sure to read all the fine print of your policies for clarification of what your out of pocket max really is, what services they will pay for, how to file claims, etc.. to see why they might not have paid the entire bill.The hospital has every right to go after you for the bill though. You should be in contact with your insurance company and the hospital to get things worked out.

What does signed at state on insurance papers mean?

On insurance papers, signed at state simply means the person who is purchasing the insurance signed the legal document. These usually need to be signed in front of a notary.

Does physicians mutual cover maternity?

10 yrs ago I was pregnant with my son I received a Physicians Mutual flyer in the mail..I was already pregnant but signed up for the individual hospital insurance was less than $30 a month..after having the baby I filed a claim form & received a check for close to $400 for the 3 days I was hospitalized..

Can a hospital garnish your wages due to an outstanding balance My insurance paid most of the debt?

No...they do not have the right to garnish wages unless you signed a consent form agreeing to such.

Signed up for health insurance when pregnant and at time a Company covered 80 perc for individual spouse and dependents now your Co is saying they will only cover you and not child Is this legal?

It depends on the terms of the policy. You should consult with a health insurance expert or lawyer if you don't understand the fine print in your policy to find out what's going on and what steps you need to take.

What coverage does health insurance usually provide?

Health Insurance varies depending on the plan on which the purchaser has signed up for. Plans can include services such as: ambulance rides, hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions, crutches and more.

Should hospital advise you a service may not be covered Is there a form for a patient to sign accepting or rejecting a non covered item?

yes: this is called an ABN, or advance beneficiary notice. If you receive this notice, the hospital is telling you that they don't believe you will meet Medicare criteria for a procedure. If you sign it, they will still submit the bill to Medicare, but you will be responsible for paying it if Medicare refuses. The best thing to do may be to ask for them to get a predetermination from Medicare: then you will know before hand whether it will be covered or not. Also, it is important to note that this is NOT a valid form for Medicare Advantage Plans. They are not legally binding at all if you have an advantage plan, and if they try to bill you because you signed it, your insurance company will inform them they cannot do that (if they are contracted with your insurance company).

How can you change a signed auto insurance settlement?

You don't. A signed settlement is a legal binding agreement between you and the insurance company.

What does signed at state mean on Insurance paperwork?

the state in which the applicant signed the application.

Are you responsible for a hospital bill if you never signed as guarantor?

It can be dependent on many factors. The primary insurance holder is always going to be held responsible. The parent of a minor is going to be responsible as well.

Who covered signed sealed delivered I am yours?

The Beatles

Does a self employed carpenter have the right to receive workers compensation?

If you have signed up for workmen's compensation insurance and paid the premiums then you can be eligible for compensation. Most self-employed people do not carry this insurance because it is intended to be purchased by employers for their employees. The injury must have occurred on the job for it to be covered.

What is the legal document that must be signed to allow information to be used to file insurance?

The legal document that must be signed to allow information to be used to file insurance is the patient's information form.

How do you cancel auto insurance?

Call your insurance company and ask what the policy is for removing coverage. You may not be able to if you signed a contract.

If your insurance is up to date what is the soonest the car can be repo in the state of nc?

Insurance has nothing to do with it. Read the contract you signed when you took out the loan.

How much is a Babe Ruth signed insurance policy from 1920 worth?


What was the bill Obama signed?

The bill Obama signed is a health care so all the U.S. citizen get health insurance.Love,Rosa

Is cataract surgery covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Each insurance plan is different. And there are many, many plans within BCBS. If you are covered by your employer with BCBS, the benefits and exclusions are decided upon by your provider. Before you make any decisions about your healthcare, you need to go straight to the horse's mouth. If you are already covered by BCBS, call the Member Services line on the back of your card. They can tell you if a certain diagnosis is covered or not. You should have received a benefits booklet at the time you signed up for the health insurance that also explains all the covered benefits and those that are excluded. If you are just shopping for individual insurance, BCBS will determine if you are eligible for any particular procedure, or if you have already had several large claims for a certain illness, they may add a "rider" to your policy that says they won't pay for that particular diagnosis for a certain length of time, if ever. Group health insurance that is employer-provided is usually the most comprehensive.

When did the Terrorist Risk Insurance Act become law?

the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002, which provided a federal backstop for terrorism insurance, was signed into legislation on November 26, 2002.

Insurance check signed fraudulently?

Not enough info given to answer. Signed by whom? What does the questioner believe constituted the fraud? What kind of specific info are you seeking?

I signed an auto insurance settlement for medical. can I change my mind?

No, by signing the settlement you are waving the insurance company and the opperator from any further liability.

I signed and application for Life Insurance and I cancell?

Yes, call the agent or insurance company and advise them of your intent to cancel. You may have to give notice in writing.

What if I don't disclose all my medical history when applying for life insurance?

The life insurance company can refuse to pay on your death, as you fraudulently signed the contract.

Can an adult child of a person be held responsible for the parent's medical bills if the parent had no health insurance in an ER setting the adult child signed the admittance papers on the parent?

It is possible. Signing the admission papers may obligate the child. Read the papers and see if the undersigned is responsible for any charges not covered by insurance. You may wish to consult an attorney.