Sovle a dispute 1993 Grand am gt v6 vs 1994 Grand am quad cam which has more hp?

The 1993 3.3L V6 has 160 H.P. & 185 lb/ft torque Pontiac installed 3 different versions of the 4 cylinder in 1994. The base 4 cylinder had 115 h.p. 140 lb/ft the optional engine had 155 h.p. 155 lb/ft, and the GT had 185 h.p. 160 lb/ft. So it depends on exactly which engine you are talking about. Only the GT model had more H.P. than the V6 and as you can see the V6 has more Torque than even the most powerful Quad 4, and that torqe and h.p. is at lower rpms. The GT equipped with a V6 will be quicker 0-60 and should easily win a 1/4 mile drag race due to the extra torque.