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Specific purpose software?


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The software used for specific purpose is called as specific purpose software. Software specially prepared for medical purpose means it is a medical software.


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General purpose software is a 'one size fits all' program - for example MSOffice. Specific purpose software is usually geared to one task - for example bar-code software (which is solely for the purpose of decoding barcodes).

A software is something that serves for a specific purpose. Software can be of two types Specific or general purpose. A general purpose software is one which is developed for people not for any particular firm. Example of general purpose software are adobe flash, microsoft word, microsoft office etc.

A specific application software is also referred to as specific purpose application software. It is designed for a particular task and tailored to the specific needs of the user.

Software is an application program that serves a specific purpose. System software is the application program that can run on a system.

Software is a program that serves a specific purpose. Example of software : Movie maker, Windows photo viewer, Picasa etc.

A software is a set of instruction that instructs a computer to perform a specific task. There are two types of software one is customized software and other is general purpose application software. A general purpose application software is a software that is for general user and not for any specific organization.

The two advantages of general purpose software is that it is easy to use and it is compatible with most systems. General purpose software is not limited to specific requirements.

Software, which is used only for specific purposes, is called specific purpose application software. For example, accounting software (like Tally, Busy, etc.), custom made software (like payroll, billing, reservation, etc.).

general purpose software is the software that is not written for any specific business or organisation but can be used to suit their specific need whereas integrated software is a set of programs combined into a single package that allows data to be transfered easily between the programs.

A general purpose software , as the name suggests is the software that is not developed for a specific user , rather it is developed for general purposes. Example of general purpose software are MS word, MS office , Flash player etc.

By using general purpose software a user can fulfill his or her general needs By using special purpose software a user can fulfill his or her specific needs for which this special purpose software has been designed.

Application Software are programs designed for a specific purpose, like accounting. An Application Package is written in a software language.

General purpose software is capable of doing many different things, like a spreadsheet or a word processor. Specialised software has been designed for a very specific purpose and is often completely unique, like software to control a particular machine.

Specialized software is software that is written for a specific task rather for a broad application area. These programs provide facilities specifically for the purpose for which they were designed.

Special purpose software is used to complete very specific tasks. They may allow companies to monitor inventory or a homeowner to see if someone has broken into their home.

There are basically two types of software one is customized and other is general purpose. A customized software is one which is for a specific firm. A general purpose software is one which is for normal users. Example of general purpose application software are ms-word, ms-office, excel etc .

Special Purpose application software is very specific in its use. Engineering programs often fall under this category - there is a program that does slope stability analysis and nothing else, for instance. Special purpose software may also be created in house and tailored to the specific needs of the company. General purpose application software is much broader in use. Word processors for example, can handle every form of writing, aside from calligraphy. Spreadsheet programs like Excel handle a significant portion of data processing problems (with databases taking the rest). In general, special purpose software is intended to perform a very specific function, while general purpose software is intended to perform a broader class of functions.

Tibco is a type of infrastructure software, and a Tibco Developer is someone who develops this software for a specific purpose. contact:

Tailor made, or bespoke software it written for a particular purpose. Many tasks have no generic software on the market to fulfill their needs. An organisation will then ask a software engineer to write a specific program for their purpose.

Application software is the general designation of computer programs for performing user tasks.Application software may be general purpose (word processing, web browsers, ...) or have a specific purpose (accounting, truck scheduling, ...).

Application software is software designed for a specific purpose. One name of an application software is Netflix. Application software is also available for online banking services, games, reading, news, etc.

function keys are important because these keys performs a specific operationbased on the software you are using.

what is special purpose software? special purpose software is more limited in what it will do in and handles the specific needs of a particular profession or business. For example, TurboTax (a tax preparation package) is a special purpose application. It adds and substracts numbers like a spreadsheet but it can't be used for other purposes apart from preparing taxes returns.

briefly explain the purpose of software validation

Here is the list of some software examples :Adobe PhotoshopNorton internet securityMicroSoft WordMicrtoSoft PowerpointMicroSoft Excel

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