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Speed of sound in different media?

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the speed of sound depends on the material through which it's passing. it is greater in solids than in liquids or gases because the molecules in a solid are closer togather than in a liquid or gas. some values are given in the table below.






Speed M/S





in the air the speed increases with temperature and at high altitudes, where the temperature is lower, it is less than at sea-level. changes of atmospheric pressure do not affect it.

an estimate of the speed of sound can be made directly if you stand about 100 meters from a high wall or building and clap your hands. ECHOES are produced.

when the clapping rate is such that each clap coincides with the echo of the previous one, the sound has travelled to the wall and back in the time between two claps, i.e. one interval. by timing 30 intervals with a stopwatch, the time t for one interval can be found. Also knowing the distance d to the wall, a rough value is obtained from

speed of sound in air = 2d/t

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It is different in medium. It has a high speed in metals.

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The speed of sound varies in different mediums, different temperatures, and different pressures. The speed of sound varies depending with the temperature, altitude and air.

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Sound is affected by the media. It travels high speed in solids generally.

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The speed of sound depends only on the material it's traveling through, not on the source of the sound. In general, the speed is higher in more-dense media, like steel, water, and rock, then it is in less-dense media, like air.

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the measured speed of sound in water, is 1482 m/s at 20°C. however the speed of sound is different in different liquids.

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