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I took my 02 liberty 6 cyl. to have it diagnosed. Stated that the speed output sensor was bad. I bought a new one and replaced it. (There are two sensors on this transmission - input and output) Speedometer still not working! I swapped sensors, since it is the same sensor for input or output, but still no speedometer working. There are two more sensors in the differential. Those did not appear on the diagnostic tool but i might consider replacing. If anyone has ran into this problem yet, please spread the wealth. Thanks.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-07 18:42:17
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Q: Speedometer stopped working anyone have any suggestions on what it might be?
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This happend on one of my cares. It was just a cable that needed to be changed under the hood. I am sure anyone at napa or autozone can help you out.

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Our odometer/tripmeter also just stopped working at 220,000 miles. This is an integral part of the speedometer assembly, and cannot be repaired. The entire speedometer must be replaced.

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I had the same problem...the alternator went bad. Both the alternator and battery had to be replaced.

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There is two wires on the rear drive shaft and they are probably broken. Have them soldered and it will work fine.

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If all the gauges in the clustor are working and only the speedometer is not, I suspect the Vehicle Speed Sensor which is located in the transaxle. Easy to replace and only about $15.

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I have the same problem. Anyone please? My email is

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There is no recall on the speedometer, though it a very common problem.

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my indicators have stopped working checked fuses in fuse box my hazzard lights still work

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Same problem. My speedometer sometimes works, sometimes it stops for days and than pops back. It can even start and stop several times on a small trip. there is also a speed sensor located in the rear of glove box witch is not difficult to replace and this will cure the problem this sensor can be got at a local scrap yard for very little money

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speedometer has no wiring,it is an electronic module,needs replacement- check e-bay,there are many available there

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