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Speedometer stopped working in a Plymouth Neon how do you repair it?

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:when my speed-o-meter stopped workin in my 98 neon i changed the speed sensor.. maybe you can try that

Try to find the speedo-cable from the firewall down the the transmission. Usually on auto trannys the speedo head (the signal generator which is a gear basicly) is located on the top of the tranny, of course attached to the speedo cable. If it's a 'drive by wire' car and there's no cable - it will require more investigation.

Mymore likely the reason is the solder on the board for the cluster itself its actually very easy to fix and someone has mentioned it here and also on usally what happens is the way the neons gauges connect is pins with 2 connecters and the soider on the board itself needs to be reheated in a certain spot on the board itself this is very easy to do and the guide can be found here

also befor you start to check if this is the case while driving gentle press on the gauge face if the speedo moves then you know this is the problem.Another trick is for the bottom screws take a your screwdriver and hold it on a speaker magnet in the trunk for a min or so then remove the one bottom screw because of the horrible angle you less likely to drop the screw cuz the screw driver will be magnatized for a min or so making it easier to remove just take your time all will go well.

That's what fixed mine and many other peoples gauges.

The tutorials don't go into details on how one would remove the dash to access the instrument cluster. To do so simply pul lup on the top part of the dash which is only secured by re-usable clips. Once the top part is removed remove the 4 Philips that hold the instrument cluster. Be sure to pull the cluster towards you not up else you may damage the board. Another tip; make sure you get a solder iron which gets hot enough to melt the solder. The cheap ones will not get hot enough and you'll likely have to repeat the exercise. Good luck

2015-07-17 17:45:19
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