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Normally most of it falls out almost imediately.

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How does the spurm get in the vagina?

the sperm comes out of the penis, during sex, and goes into the vagina

Where does the sperm go in at?

If you mean when having sex... the vagina

Is sperm supposed to exit the vagina after sex?

To concieve a child sperm must stay in the vagina so a sperm cell can fertilise the woman's egg.

Can blood from a womans vagina after sex kill sperm inside the vagina if any sperm were present?

No, blood will not kill any sperm inside a woman's vagina. At most, the flow will flush out the remaining sperm over time, but do not plan on it. However, if you had unprotected sex you could get pregnant.

Is it a normal process even if sperms coming out of vagina?

Sometimes sperm leaks out of the vagina after sex. This is normal. We are not sure if you meant that, or that there was some kind of discharge from the vagina. If that is the case, and it was not after sex, it is not sperm and you should see a gynecologist.

Is sperm supposed to come out of the vagina after sex it will be affect the preganancy?

It's the semen that comes out. It did it's job and brought the sperm to the vagina.

Can you get pregnant if your vagina is going up and down?

You can get pregnant if sperm gets into your vagina. Anytime a penis enters your vagina, you can get some sperm in it. It does not matter how you move while having sex.

Why does white stuff come out of your vagina after sex?

The white stuff that comes out of your vagina after sex is your mates sperm. It's normal. Don't Panick!

Why does sperm come out of the vagina directly after sex?

Sperm - semen, really - is liquid, so some of it can leak out.

If you have annual sex can you get pregnant?

no, you can only get pregnant when a man's sperm enters your vagina.

How do moms have babys?

They have sex with there boyfriend or male spouse! He releases his sperm into her vagina.

How long are you supposed to hold sperm in your vagina to become pregnant?

You don't "hold" sperm. It is deposited there during sex and will stay alive within a vagina for 5-6 days.

Does urine kill sperm..say if he pees in my vagina after sex will the sperm die?

No they will not and they might already be inside your uterus.

How do you make children?

You have sex and a guys sperm goes in the girl's vagina and it makes a baby.

Where does the penis reach during sex?

You shove it in the girls vagina, and sperm comes out of your penis.

Can a girl get pregnant if shes a virgin but has dry cum on her hands?

The only thing that matters is if the girl has reached puberty, and a live sperm cell enters her vagina at the right time, and makes it to an egg to fertilize it. Sperm - dried or not- on your HANDS- no. On/in your vagina, not likely, but possible. It is not necessary that sperm reach the vagina during intercourse (sex), only that sperm DOES reach the vagina. Wash your hands thoroughly, and use birth control if you do not intend to become pregnant- or do not have sex.

Can tampons get you pregnant?

No, obviously tampons cannot get you pregnant - this is impossible.To get pregnant sperm has to fertilize an egg, that egg then has to implant itself into the uterus. Typically sex is the only way to get pregnant: a mans penis goes into the vagina, he ejaculates to introduce sperm into the vagina and if a woman is ovulating at the time sperm will fertilize the egg. A tampon is not a penis and inserting a tampon is not sex, nor is there sperm in tampons.

What prevents the sperm from leaving the epididymis?

Condoms! Don't have sex without a condom!

Is it possible to conceive even if sperm rolls out of vagina after sex?

yes...once the sperm goes into the vagina, it can fertilize the egg...it doesn't matter if it doesn't all stay, it just needs a single sperm cell to conceive a baby

If sperm touches the vagina but is wiped away immediately could you still get pregnant?

if the sperm touche s the vagina and is wiped away soon after the sex with tissue papers can u become pregnant

Can you push sperm out of your vagina after sex?

Yes but it doesn't all come out at once. Its better to wash it out.

Can you get pregnant if the sperm just got around your vagina?

Sperm looks like little tadpoles and if the sperm is around your vagina it is more than likely it is in the vagina and you have a high risk of getting pregnant. It appears you need to either go on the Internet and learn more about safe sex or buy a book on it.

Is it possible to get pregnant if he put his penis inside the top of your vagina?

YES Pre ejaculate contains sperm. The presence of sperm anywhere in or around the vagina increases the risk of pregnancy. Practice safe sex .

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