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That could possibly be a black widow, but isn't necessarily!

It could also be a Red-Back, but they have two diamond shaped dots.

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What is a parson spider?

a person thats a spider

Why is Spider Man so cool?

he is in a spider leitard thats why

What kind of spider is red with yellow butt?

that kind of spider thats what

How did Spider-Man's spider become radioactive?

While the radiation machine was running the steatoda spider hit the radioactive beamsjus like hulk and it gave all the radioactive powers into the spider and thats how the radioactive spider was made.

How do you find a picture of a wolf spider eating?

First, get a wolf spider, a fly, and a camera. Place the spider and fly into a jar with lid. Watch until the spider grabs the fly and take picture. Thats all there is to it!

What do spider plants hate?

YOUr mom sat on them thats why idiot!

What are all the Spider-Man games?

spider man returns, runescape, modern spider warfare 2, spidey returns, spider asylum, return of the spider!, complete spider warfare, shatter dimensions, spidernator 3, attack of the spiders, spider wars, Darth spidey, spidey skywalker, attack of the Mary Jane and Mary Jane's a control nerd. THats probably it i think for the time being.

Pets thats hatches eggs?

chicken goose spider etc

Can a spider live for 1000 years?

no thats pretty much impossible

How does the katipo spider catch its prey?

Taylor's/lorlo awesome thats how!! :)xoxox

Did a spider ever kill an elephant?

if the spider is venomous yes and no, even if they're the most venomous spider in the world such as the wandering spider their fang wont able to penetrate the elephant thick skin, if the spider bite it in the eye or inside the ear or you coat the venom on you arrow and shoot the elephant now thats a different story, then the elephant will succumb to the venom and die, though i doubt the elephant would let a spider crawl in it's ear or why would a spider attack a elephant in the first place so no, spider never killed a elephant.

How do you protect yourself from a camel spider?

yes carry a machine gun thats the only way

What should a tomboy be for Halloween?

They Can Be A zombie sk8terThats what i did or something boyish like... spider man:D

In temperate climates are twenty species of spiders dangerous to human?

In fact there are exactly twenty species of spiders that are dangerous to Humans in Temperate climatesBROWN RECLUSESPIDERBLACK WIDOWSPIDERHOBOSPIDERGRASSSPIDERFEMALEMOUSE SPIDERMALEMOUSE SPIDERBLACKHOUSE SPIDERWOLFSPIDERFEMALETRAP-DOORGARDENORB-WEAVINGSAINT ANDREW'S CROSSHUNTSMANSPIDERThere are eight more Tarantula species as well as the above 12 others.------------------------------------------------------You can't rely on sites like this for reliable scientific answers, anyone can post an answer here.-------------------------------------------------------Common Names: Black widow spiders, / Brown recluse, brown spidershourglass spiders or violin spidersScientific Names: Latrodectus species / Loxosceles speciesNo, only two.http://www.varmentguard.com/pestlibrary/COMMON%20LANDSCAPE%20SPIDERS.pdfwooww that's funny i was looking for the same question for this one sheet..SayING...In temperate climates, 20 species of spiders are dangerous to human beings. THATS WIERD

Climax in Spider-Man 3?

They Took the Under ware of Mary Jane Thats all

What kind of spider is neon green with white spot?

i have noo idea,thats what i wanna know. I just saw one in my car,and it may be poisioness.? I took a photo of a bright green spider today with a white spot. It was spooky. about 1 inch in size. www.mcgahuey.com/spider.jpg WHAT TYPE OF SPIDER IS THIS?

Why are black and orange Halloween colors?

cause there was this little kid thats name was halloween and his favorite colors were orange and black

What are the secrets of spider talk?

Well spiders move there fangs, thats how they talk! love u all! peace!

Which animals sysrt with the letter J?

jaguar, jellyfish, jumping spider, jackal, jerboa, and jackass..thats all i can think of

Why was Bilbo's sword named Sting?

cause one of the spiders said ...oh he has a sting....thats what i think Because Bilbo baggins only had to stab the spider twice. The first time the spider shrieked. The second time he fell over dead. Bilbo said, " I shall call you Sting " I Think this is because the spider got stung so he shrieked really loud.

Why does a spider not get caught in its own web?

AnswerNot all of the strings in the spider's web are sticky. The spider knows which are which and they move around by walking on the nonsticky ones. Thats right. Spiders do produce two entirely different "types" of thread. They use the non sticky threads as spokes to move around their web while they build the proper sticky bits.AnswerA spider has special glands that produce an oil like material that does not stick to their own web. I am guessing these are located somewhere near their feet since these are the parts that come in contact most with the web. Not really an answer, but still!Next time you see a spider web, try touching the very center of it where the spider sits. It shouldn't be sticky. Also, when the spider is in the web, try plucking the threads. The spider will come rushing to that point to fix it.

How do you identify?

dear reader\readers,:) i can tell you how do identify with these easy steps and this is how you can explain to identify. Ok lets get started!:) 1:describe the thing you are looking at! for example (the insect is black with red spots it has wings but is not a butterfly it has a sort of head the has pincher like things on it):)and thats pretty much it here incase you did not get this i will give you an example. Example:(girl on the street) please someone help I have been bit by a spider I will describe it to you if you may be able to identify it.(you) i will try just describe it please!(girl on the street)ok it was black had red dot kinda like the one on cards! (you) well thats a black widow spider! and thats how you do it ya know identify! i hope this helped every one out thnxs for reading!

A list of Animals that Live in Solitary?

pandacattigerleopardsjaguarspidergrasshoppersnakeeaglebearThats just some of it okay? =)

What does it mean when you dream about spiders falling on you?

It dosen't mean anything,its your daily life that you have watched a film seeing spiders or you saw it somewhere and you were afraid of it.Da dream will help you not to be afraid or sometimes spider means bad events it may doubtfuly mean something not good is going to fall on you and your family but it will come and go just like the spider in your dream.The spider was falling and it is still going to land thats when the bad luck will escape.

What kind of caterpillar is fuzzy and black with an orange stripe down its back and orange feet?

KalabiekuesthaTS NOT THE NAME OF THE CATERPILLAR UNLESS YOU SPELLED IT WRONG CUZ THAT sounds like me caterpillar fuzzy black and one orange stripe down its back and orange feet

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