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Might be a Hammock Spider.

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A brown spider with a yellow stripe on its head is a wolf spider. The wolf spider may sometimes have an orange stripe on their head also.

There are several spiders that are brown with a stripe on their back. The most common is the funnel web grass spider.

Where do you live? I have a spider with that description on my back porch, I'm feeding him fies :)

The garden cross spider has a yellow body with a single black spot on its abdomen. Only juveniles are colored this way, growing into brown adults.

That description of a spider can relate to hundreds of species of spider. Sorry, there, but its a bit too vague.

I think what you have described is a brown recluse and or wolf spider, nonvenemous

Poisonous spiders are many different colors. The Black Widow is as the name states black with a red hourglass on the bottom of the abdomen. The Brown Widow is a light to dark brown spider that looks like the Black Widow only with patterns of brown. It too has a red hourglass on the bottom of the abdomen. The Brown Recluse Spider too is brown like the name states with a darker brown 'violin' marking on the cephalothorax. The Hobo spider is light brown with a darker brown abdomen and a cream colored strip going down the center of the cephalothorax. Yellow Sack Spiders are usually yellow or creamy colored. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is a dark brown spider and usually have red hairs on their chelicerae.

I am pretty certain that it is a rare Australian blue cyanide spider

It is called the black widow spider (Referred to as the black widow), it is a spider with a strong neurotoxin. With respect to the body size, they have longer legs and smaller abdomen. They are usually dark brown, has yellow stripes, and a yellow hourglass spot.

If the main part of it is brown or tan, then it is a male black widow, or a juvinile female.

If this spider has two stripes on either side of its body as well as the abdomen, it is most likely a fen raft spider. commonly found in Europe. It is highly dangerous to humans. It is found in planted water such as creeks or ponds.

The heart of a brown recluse spider is found in the spider's abdomen, so says my homeschool console.

A brown recluse is usually brown, with a black and brown violin shape on it's abdomen. Most recluse's are extremely poisonous so look out for the violin shape.

If you look on the back it mite have a small violin mark where the eyes are. If it does, the its a brown recluse spider do not touch!

its white, red, orange ,yellow, purple, blue, green, green with a black stripe, brown, brown with a black stripe, black, and black with your name in Japanese

Female Redback spiders have a black to brown body and abdomen, depending on the age and genetic varying of the spider, and a red hourglass shape on the underside of the abdomen, as well as a red "seam" or sometimes broken stripe down the back of the abdomen. Juvenile females have sometimes white or yellow markings too, but grow out of these. Males are brown and tiny, with white markings and with huge palps. They are very rarely seen if you're not looking for them.

A spider that has a dark brown abdomen, with reddish brown legs, and a light beige bottom with dark brown club like claws could be a wolf spider. It could also be a tree spider.

Depending on its size, the spider with tan and brown striped legs and a large white abdomen might be an orb weaver, a common house spider, or even an orchard spider. There are a huge variety of spiders with this description.

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