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Might be a Hammock Spider.

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Q: Spider that has a brown body with a black stripe on it and a clear or milky abdomen?
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Brown spider with black stripe down back?

Wolf spider.

What kind of spider is black and has a thin black stripe down it's back?

A common brown house spider.

Brown spider with yellow stripe on its head?

A brown spider with a yellow stripe on its head is a wolf spider. The wolf spider may sometimes have an orange stripe on their head also.

What kind of spider is brown and has a white abdomen with two brown spots?

I guess a black widow

What kind of spider is large black or dark brown body with brown legs and a brown stripe down its head?

I think it might be a Black Widow

What kind of spider lives in Michigan about an inch size tan color and has a large bold brown slightly jagged stripe on its head and abdomen?

Brown recluse

What kind of spider has a black body with brown stripe on its back?

i think it would b a tarantula

What spider is brown with a stripe on the back?

There are several spiders that are brown with a stripe on their back. The most common is the funnel web grass spider.

Brown orange spider with black back and white stripe?

Where do you live? I have a spider with that description on my back porch, I'm feeding him fies :)

What type spider has a brown stripe down the back?

your mummy spider

What Spider has a yellow body with one black spot on it's abdomen?

The garden cross spider has a yellow body with a single black spot on its abdomen. Only juveniles are colored this way, growing into brown adults.

What kind of spider has thin black legs with hair and a brown abdomen?

That description of a spider can relate to hundreds of species of spider. Sorry, there, but its a bit too vague.

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