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where did you find this spider, i found one like it about to die in the house it wz about the size of a 50 cent if the legs was open

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Brown on top, dark brown to black on the bottom.

Usually, yes. But a darker shade on the top lashline than the bottom one - black on top and brown on the bottom, say - looks good too.

Spiders are very dangerous and can cause humans to become violently ill or even result in death. The top ten deadliest spiders are the brown recluse, black widow, Brazilian wandering spider, funnel-web spider, mouse spider, red black spider, wolf spider, Goliath bird eater tarantula, the sac spider, and the hobo spider.

5.Goliath Bird Eating Spider 4.Black Widow Spider 3.Brown Recluse Spider 2.Brazilian Wandering Spider 1.Mosquitos those are the top 5deadliest insects in the world. AND Taneil graham

Some of the most poisonous spiders in the world are the Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and the Brazilian wandering spider. Other dangerous spiders are funnel web spider, mouse spider, and the red back spider.

go to the grassy place and see a black spider and put your manicle on top of it.

Black Widow spiders are native to tropical climates and are poisonous. They have a mostly black body with a large red spot.

Green (Green top, white bottom) , White (white top, white bottom), Black (Black top, Blue bottom half) and the new Blue (Blue top, white bottom)

A wasp or hornet that is very large with a black bottom with 4 yellow stripes and a possible brown top could describe more than one type of wasp. It could be Digger wasps, or yellow jacket wasps.

Deer, snapping turtle, moose, rattle snake, black widow spider, black recluse spider, black bear, yellow sac spider, elk,and

A black widow. This spider is only a black widow if the entire spider is black, with a round-ball looking back-body, female variety if there is a red hourglass shape marking on the underside of the spider. From the top black widows are completely black.

They have a black line through their body and the top half is light brown and the bottom half is creamy.

it would look like light brown hair on top and dark brown on the bottom

you can but you would have to make sure that the brown top is a plain brown top because the design will take away the look and make it look goofy

In my opinion, black and brown together is a BIG NO-NO.

Use a lighter/darker foundation, use eyeliner and line the top and bottom of your eyelids black and you could die your hair black or dark brown for a better result,

Ok how to get smokey eyes ok1.apply black eyliner on top and bottom2.apply black mascara on top and bottom3.Then put on some light white eyshadow4.Then after that put on some dark brown eyshadow on lids and then lightly swipe the brown across from your eye toward your earAnd thats it!Enjoy please!:)

Well, the colours of the Germany flag is red, yellow and black. Black: on top! Red: in the middle! Gold: is the bottom!

it all depends on what radio your installing, usuially you will have a black and a brown box that's connected to your car., the brown box goes into the bottom and the black goes into the top of your CD player, then you just turn ur ignition on and your ready to go.

A beautician can dye a persons hair blonde on top and black on bottom. It is done by coloring each half of the hair separately.

black shows the race top or bottom indicate the role in male-male relationship i think ...

it was red on the bottom, then black then white then the funnels were yellow with black on top.

Neutral foundation blended in, soft pink blusher, natural colour eyeshadow and abit of dark brown eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes, black mascara on the top Neutral foundation blended in, soft pink blusher, natural colour eyeshadow and abit of dark brown eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes, black mascara on the top

If the red mark is in the shape of an hourglass, and on the underside of the abdomen (not on the top), it might be a Brown Widow Spider. However, Brown Widows only live in certain areas, so it really depends on where you live.

yellow at the bottom and black at the top

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