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Spores allow fungi to do what?


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spores are seeds of the mushrooms

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Spores allow fungi to reproduce sexually or asexually. Spores are either dropped from the fungi to disperse or will burst forth in an explosive manner.

reproduce sexually or asexually

If you are talking about mushroom spores, then Fungi If you are talking about mushroom spores, then Fungi

Fungi propagate through spores.

spores cases grow on the end of mold stalks on fungi

Spores are actually the main defining aspect of most fungi. Fungi use spores for asexual reproduction, dispersing them airborne, often to be carried by wind.

Spores are produced in the sporangium.

Fungal Spores are the 'seed' of fungi.

they reproduce by spores. Spores are found in spore bags and 1 spore bag can reproduce into millions of fungi

The spores produced by fungi are non-motile, since they do not have the ability to propel themselves. Fungi spores depend on the wind and other environmental factors to spread.

Fungi reproduce by spores, they generate their own "seeds" called spores and chuck them away.

Most fungi reproduce by spores.

Fungi reproduce by releasing spores above ground. The spores then are carried by the wind to new locations that are suitable for the spores to grow into fully developed fungi. The mushroom is the part of those fungi which produces spores, hence it is the reproductive part.

the repoduction of fungi happens in its' spores and keeps it from rotting the repoduction of fungi happens in its' spores and keeps it from rotting the repoduction of fungi happens in its' spores and keeps it from rotting

what do you recommend for fungi spores allergy

Fungi and ferns are examples of such plants.Mushrooms and other fungi and ferns reproduce with the help of spores

Yes, the fungal spores are the means by which fungi spread form one area to another.

They will grow into new fungi. They get spread by humans, animals, and throughout the air/wind. These spores get spread and produce new fungi.

One way that fungi have adapted to increase the distribution of spores is by producing a vast quantity of spores, which increases the chances that some will be successful. Some fungi are specialized to attract insects and animals to spread the spores, and still other fungi scatter spores by wind.

all fungi produce spores!

fungi and bacteria grow from spores.

sac fungi produce spores in a saclike structure called an sporangia

6. In club fungi, spores are attached to

The spores from ferns and fungi are mainly dispersed by the wind.

Bacteria reproduce by simple cell division. Some fungi produce by cell division, such as the budding and fission yeasts. Many fungi reproduce by mitotic spores, that is spores produced asexually with mitosis. Many fungi also produce meiotic spores, or spores produced as the result of sexual reproduction and subsequent meiotic divisions. In most fungi, the spores are passively dispersed, but in a few, the spores are motile. They are propelled by a single whiplash flagellum.

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