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Wrap the tree with chicken wire, that is how we prevented both squirrels and beavers from tearing up our trees.

====================== yes it hurts the tree, might even kill it.

you can try spraying the bark with chilli and hope it deters the squirrels ok dude.........just kill the freakin squirrel its the circle of life! I agree with him just kill the motherf#$%ers bro!!

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What kills squirrels but not birds?

Killing squirrels is bad

Are squirrels mean?

NO! most squirrels are very nice. however black and grey squirrels ARE mean. In fact, there evil. they are killing of the red squirrels, who rule!

Are there laws about killing squirrels with a BB gun?

probably not

Do red and gray squirrels get along?

NO they don't. Let me tell you the whole entire story (its true, believe me). 130 years ago, there were red squirrels all over the UK. Then some man found a few grey squirrels and thought he'd catch them and introduce them to the UK and then they all began breeding and making more and more grey squirrels but the grey squirrels began killing all the red squirrels so there's not many left. There's loads in Scotland - they look after red squirrels and try to kill all the grey. Red squirrels can't fight back because they're a bit smaller and very timid and friendly. They don't have a single violence in their body. I'm a girl who loves animals, a crazy animal-lover, and I want all the grey squirrels and red squirrels to be alive but someone needs to do something to the grey squirrels. I wish they all got along.

Why are people killing squirrels for their fur?

You gave the answer in the question "For their fur". Fur can be turned into attractive and effective articles of clothing.

How is the grey squirrel attacking the red squirrel?

The GREY SQUIRREL is attacking the RED SQUIRREL by competing with it for food. Also the GREY SQUIRREL carries a disease that is very harmful to the RED SQUIRRELS and is slowly killing off the RED SQUIRRELS.

Do cats eat squirrels?

A cat might but squirrels are a bit too large for the average house cat to eat. Cats will eat mice and small birds (but only if they learned to eat them, killing them is instinctive but eating them as food must be learned).

Which animals because of deforestation?

deforestation is killing all the animals that live in the forests and trees that they cut down for example: possums,squirrels and lots more.

How did grey squirrels get to the UK?

After the Second World War to integrate with and increase the decreasing red squirrel population. Didn't work - they ended up fighting and killing reds.

Do raccoons kill squirrels?

Yes! I just had a silent killing coon sneak in through the fence and climb a tree and kill the mother which had defended her young. Only one baby pinky survived out of three. This coon is very stealthy and quiet when moving through vegetation and trees. It came last night too. It came five days in a row. Now we have no more squirrels to feed and no future ones either. And I even think the coon used the babies to bait the mother. Very evil indeed.

What does finding dead squirrels everyday mean?

It means they are coming for you, but you don't know when. It means that there is something (or someone) in your neighborhood that is killing the local squirrel population. It means that you should get back in the house and get your husband another beer....

How do you prepare for isat examination?

Study. Study. Study, and if you don't like studying, then study anyway. Because if you don't, you'll have bad qualifications, and if you have bad qualifications, you can't get a good job, and if you can't get a good job, you'll get no money, and if you get no money, you'll be very sad, and if you are very sad, you'll be more likely to kill squirrels, and if you start killing squirrels, then I'm sorry but that is just wrong. You disgust me.

Do bobcats eat owls?

If a bobcat can catch an owl it will definitely eat it. Besides birds, they eat rabbits, squirrels, mice and other small game. They are, however, fierce hunters and are capable of killing animals much larger than themselves such as deers.

What are some things about squirrels?

✹ There are 285 different types of squirrels all over the world. The gray squirrel is the most common type that is found in America. This species can definitely be called old, as they have been around for more than 35 million years.✹ Squirrels come in different sizes. The smallest being as tiny as 7 centimeters, with the biggest going up to 73 centimeters.✹ The size of the brain of a squirrel is about the size of a walnut.✹ There are squirrels that are black, white, gray, brown and red.✹ White squirrels are rare, and are mostly found in South East Asia and Thailand.✹ Squirrels can run really quickly, as fast as 20 mph.✹ A squirrel can survive even if it jumps from a height of 100 feet, as it has padded feet.✹ A squirrel has a very large appetite. In a week's time, it eats a quantity of food that is almost equal to its body weight.✹ Squirrels have an excellent eyesight. Since their big eyes are placed on the sides, they can see particularly well on the sides. However, they have trouble seeing things that are directly in front of them. That is probably why people complain about getting bit on their fingers while feeding squirrels.✹ Squirrels have very sharp teeth, which continue to grow throughout their life. These incisors are used for cracking nuts or chewing through things to find food. Squirrels keep them sharp by gnawing on wires or rocks.✹ A squirrel can jump a distance of 20 feet, as it has strong hind legs and short front legs. The front legs have 4 toes, whereas the hind legs have 5 toes.✹ Flying squirrels don't actually fly, they merely glide. These squirrels have a wing-like membrane of skin attached from the wrists to the ankles, which helps them glide diagonally among the forest canopy.✹ The claws and tail of a squirrel helps it to find its food as well. They store their food underground or inside hollows in trees, and their claws come handy in digging the food out later when needed. Their bushy tail enables them to balance among the branches of trees while looking for food.✹ Squirrels are mostly omnivores. They eat nuts, fruits, seeds, buds, flowers, and even barks of trees. Another delicacy for them is tree sap.✹ Apart from their all-time favorite nuts, they also feed on insects, small birds and their eggs. There are even times when they have been seen feeding on small snakes.✹ Wondering how the squirrel finds its way back to the buried food? Well, they lick or rub it on their face, before burying it. This leaves a scent which allows the squirrel to find it again after the winters are over. Now that's smart, isn't it?✹ Squirrels do not hibernate. They just tend to stay inside their nest during the winters, and save their energy.✹ They are usually solitary creatures, except during mating. But during the winter season, they might share a nest with other squirrels.✹ Squirrels are mammals, and give birth to 2 to 8 babies. These are called kittens, and are born blind, hence are highly dependent on their mother.✹ The male squirrels are rather bad parents, as they play no role in raising the young ones. The mothers take complete care of them for a couple of months.✹ Squirrels mate after they are one year old. They reproduce usually twice a year, although there are some species that are assumed to reproduce only once a year.✹ The African pygmy squirrel is the smallest squirrel in the world, being a mere 70 millimeters in length. This species of squirrel can also travel upside down along the tree branches.✹ In some cites of America and Canada, the Albino or White squirrel is a protected animal, and killing one is punishable by law.✹ Ever wondered why squirrels eat fruits before they are even ripe? Well, squirrels cannot differentiate between the colors green and red!✹ The males are the cleanest in the rodent family. They take up a lot of time grooming themselves, unlike their female counterparts.✹ The lifespan of a squirrel is usually 10 to 12 years, but most die young as they have a lot of predators that hunt for them. These predators include hawks, foxes, opossums, wildcats, and owls.✹ Apart from their natural predators, squirrels also face danger from mankind. There are a large number of deaths due to heavy traffic. A large number of people also kill them, considering them to be pests.

What do stoats eat?

Stoats also known as Ermine is a carnivore that hunt primarily at night and feeds mostly on rodents, especially mice, voles, and lemmings. On occasion, may kill ground squirrels, rabbits, birds and bird eggs, and insects. The ermine is capable of killing animals much larger than itself. Surplus killing may occur, and ermines cache extra food for later use. Stoats also known as Ermine is a carnivore that hunt primarily at night and feeds mostly on rodents, especially mice, voles, and lemmings. On occasion, may kill ground squirrels, rabbits, birds and bird eggs, and insects. The ermine is capable of killing animals much larger than itself. Ermines usually kill more than needed and will store extra food for later use. The Stoat, or short-tailed weasel, eats meat, thus it is a carnivore.

Do bobcats eat mice?

yesYes, it a bobcat can catch mice it will eat it. They will eat owls if they can catch them to. Besides birds they eat rabbits, squirrels, and any other small game. They are, however, fierce hunters and are capable of killing and eatting animals much larger than themselves such as deers.Read more: Do_bobcats_eat_owls

How much fps does it take to kill a squirrel?

Depends on where you hit it. A headshot would take around 300, temple would be less, a body shot would have to penetrate fur and skin, so 400 should do the trick. Also, how about instead of killing the squirrels, how about u buy a slingshot and shoot acorns out of it at them. You hit, they fall down, you miss, they run after the acorn.

Is it good to have an air soft gun?

It completely depends on your preference, experience, and attitude toward all types of firearms and air guns generally. If you would like to have gun fights with your friends without creating a huge mess or killing each other, airsoft guns are for you. if you you want to hunt small pheasants(eg. squirrels, mice, rats, babies ect.) than you had better get a pellet gun or you will be disappointed. Big game - 30-06 :D. think it over.

What are birds of prey?

wht are the bird of prey

Why was the red fox endangered a long time a go?

It was endangered a long time ago because in the 1800's the red fox was considered pests to people. So they poisoned their food sources, trapped then, and hunted them in vast amounts. Also around 1900, many where killed accidentally from predator control programs that where aimed at removing (killing) wolves, coyotes and ground squirrels from the prairies. Today people still hunt them and trap them for their furs. Also they hunt them for the skill it takes to kill one because they are very clever and good at escaping predators.

What are Freddie krugers hands for?

Killing..Killing..Killing.. Well he can't masturbate, can he?

How is the killing of Lennie like the killing of Candy's dog?

because its like killing a human

Is killing different then killing in war?

The act of killing is prevalent and absolute in our current civilization, therefore, there is no distinction between the "act of killing in war and killing." The essence of the question, "is killing different then killing in war,"acquiesces the human mind to a state of relativity rather than a state of absolution. When in a state of relativity, justification of killing becomesin absolute.When in a state of absolution, killing is killing. Thus, we understand that we do kill, regardless of the relative nature in current human language.

Who is killing the whales?

the Japanese are killing them to eat them

Malaysia justice for mercy-killing?