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Yes there is

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Who was the founder of Motown

Berry Gordy Jr used a different strategy to promote his Motown artists by

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What concept of factory production was borrowed to produce the hit records at Motown

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Q: St Andrews Hospital Lagos Nigeria
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Is there a Dr Van Cook working at St Andrews Hospital in Lagos Nigeria?

Is there a Dr. Van Cook working at St. Andrews Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria or is he a scammer

Is there a hospital called st andrews in lagos nigeria?

yes there is. The hospital is on Aderigan Ogunsanya street.

Is there a hospital in Lagos Nigeria called St Johns?


Is there a Dr Ahmed at St Andrews Clinic Lagos Nigeria?


Is there a hospital in Lagos Nigeria named St Marys?

no but there is one an hour away in Abuja another city in nigeria. Abuja is an hour away BY PLANE from Lagos

Is there a hospital in lagos nigeria called Royan Specialist Hospital?

Yes,it's located at 72 Aina St. Ojodu Ikeja

Looking for the phone number to st charles hospital in lagos nigeria?

St. Charles Hospitals Limited 59, Ayilara Street, Surulere, Lagos Phone: 1-5833238

When was St Andrews Community Hospital created?

St Andrews Community Hospital was created in 2009-09.

Where is St Gregory hospital in Nigeria?

St. Gregory Hospital is in the city of Ado Ekiti Nigeria

Where is St. Leo's Catholic Church in Ikeja Lagos?

Is at toyin street ikeja lagos nigeria

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Yes there is st. lukes specialist hospital along Benin Lagos express but is just that most hospitals in Nigeria doesn't have website. When we had an accident on our way to Benin City and were rushed down there. Pastor Emeka John

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Yes my mom is sik so I take her to 1 hospital called st joseph

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