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Starting a conversation with a girl?

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βˆ™ 2009-09-19 12:57:51

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you shoud say hello and tell her ur name???

2009-09-19 12:57:51
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Q: Starting a conversation with a girl?
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Related Questions

Where can you have a conversation with a girl in school?

You can have a conversation with a girl in the school backyard.

How do you approach a stranger girl?

You approach her by starting up a conversation. Ask her questions, find her interest and so on.

What does it mean when you dont know a girl a lot but get nervous when you go to call her for a casual friendly conversation?

You are starting to like her

What does it mean when a girl stares at me with a dreamy look on her face?

If a girl stares at you with a dreamy look on her face, she's probably crushing on you. If you like her, try starting a conversation with her.

If a girl you don't know doesn't respond to your attempt at starting a conversation on Facebook the first day does that mean a rejection?


How do you become a girls friend?

Just talk to her. If you have a hard time starting a conversation with a girl start talking to someone around her. Then just ask her out

How do you have a conversation with a girl?

normally by speaking to them..

What does it mean if a guy rereads the fb conversation a girl and him had at 2am in the morning?

The conversation(and the girl) was obviously was on his mind. Your best bet is to ask him.

What does it mean when a girl says I know you from somewhere You look very familiar?

This is a subtle pick-up line. She is starting a conversation with you to learn details about you and your background.

How to get relationship in girl?

You can get into a relationship with a girl by engaging her in a conversation and spending time with her.

How to open a conversation with a girl?

In order to open a conversation with a girl, you should introduce yourself and ask her for her name. Proceed with asking her how she's doing and maybe work in some light conversation about the weather, then take it from there.

What to say to a girl to start a conversation?


If a girl asks a guy out on a date should it be her responsibility to hold the conversation?

As a girl myself I think it should be the girl's responsibilty to respond but not to hold the conversation.

How do you answer a girl when she says I am bored?

I don't know try starting a conversation or something. Like try to get to know the girl or whatever you can come up with. Remeber woman love to talk, even quiet ones (trust me I know).

How do you start a good conversation with a girl?

just talk to them

How can you impress a girl of class tenth?

make conversation with her

How do you move in for a kiss after a conversation with a girl?

just kiss her

How can i have a nice Spanish conversation with a girl?

learn spanish.

How do you start conversation with an unknown girl on the phone?


What is a good conversation starter for a girl talking to a boy?

A good conversation starter for a girl talking to a boy is to ask what he likes to do for fun or what kind of music or movies he enjoys.

How to start a conservation with a girl?

To start a conversation with a girl, say hello. Ask how she is doing.

How does a 13 year old girl know if a 13 year old boy likes her?

Signs that he likes you might be opening the door for you, carrying your books, smiling at you or starting a conversation with you.

How should a guy tell a girl to shave her pubic hair?

VERY CAREFULLY. If you just blurt something like that out of the blue, don't be surprised if you get smacked around a bit afterwards. Starting such a conversation.. well, that takes a bit of tact on your part. Sometimes starting such a conversation off about what she'd want you to improve about yourself can be a decent way to ease into it.

What do you talk to a guy about on a first date?

you shouldn't plan out the conversation before it happens, try starting with how he is or how his day went and the conversation will work from there..:)

How do you make a sweet conversation with a girl over the phone?