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The are severalÊ difference between addition and condensation polymerization.ÊThey include,Ê in addition polymerization monomers join up to form single substance without loss of any molecule unlike the later where there is loss of molecules,Ê reacting monomers have multipleÊ bondÊ in addition polymerization unlike the later whereÊ only functional groups of two monomers react, saturated monomers react in additional polymerization while the later involve unsaturated molecules and additional polymerization is a rapid process that produce high molecular weight polymers.

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State two important differences between condensation polymerisation and addition polymerisation?

2 main differences are: 1) condensation polymers form more slowly than addition polymers. 2) water is formed in condensation polymerization but not in addition! - by piu

What are the differences between cracking and polymerisation?

cracking is breaking bonds of the hydrocarbons and polymerisation is making the double bonds between the hydrocarbons. WillyD

What is the Difference between condensation polymer and addition polymer?

Condensation polymers loose watermolecules during polymerisation, whereas Addition Polymers do not.

What are Some differences between condensing and freezing?

what are some differences between freezing and condensation

The differences between boiling and condensation?

They are opposites. Boiling turns a liquid into a gas, and condensation turns a gas into a liquid.

What are the differences between solution and bulk and emulsion and suspension polymerization?

Emulsion Polymerisation Gives High Yield But It is of impure in nature And Emulsion Is Used For Polymerising Latex Based Monomer Where As Bulk Gives Us Pure Yield without Impurities ...... Solution Polymerisation Gives The Yield In Solution Form ...... Suspension Gives Yiels In Beads Form.....

What is the relationship between dewpoint and condensation?

the realationship between condensation and dew point is that condensation occurs when it reaches the dew point.

What is the relationship between convection and condensation?

whats the relationship between convection and condensation?

Differences between evaporation and distillation?

evaporation: change of state from and liquid to gas. distillation: method of separating a solution to its own components that involves boiling and condensation

What is the difference between condensation and boiling?

The difference between condensation and boiling is in the behavior of molecules. In boiling the molecules are separated and spread out while in condensation they come closer together.

What is the condensation temperature of a gas?

The condensation temperature of a gas varies between gasses.

What is the difference between protein and nylon?

Monomers are different. Nylon consists of diamines and dicarboxylic acids, Protiens consist of amino acids. Nylon is condensation polymerisation as it release water molecules.

Similarities and differences between rain and dew?

Dew is formed by condensation of cool, damp air on cooling objects. As the object radiates heat, moister in the air condenses on the object faster than it can evaporate. Rain is condensation from clouds that collects and falls as droplets.

What does condensation increase with?

humdidity and the temperature differental between the air and the surface on which the condensation collects.

What is the relationship between air pollution and condensation?

Increasing pollution increases condensation in the atmosphere.

What is the difference between film and dropwise condensation?

The rate of heat transfer in dropwise condensation is more than film type condensation.

What is the same between condensation and sublimation?


Similarities between condensation and hydrolysis?

The similarities between condensation and hydrolysis is that both reactions have to do with water. In the hydrolysis process, water is added up while in the condensation process, water is lost and formed.

What is the difference between condensation and precipitation?

The difference between condensation and precipitation is that condensation is the transformation of state from a gas to a liqiud and precipitation is next stage after condensation where waterdroplets become larger and larger so as they fall under gravity in form of rain from the cloud.

What are some of the biggest differences between Judaism and Christianity?

The main difference between Judaism and Christianity is that Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. The Jews persecuted Him and ultimately they supported the Roman intent to crucify Him. Additional differences between Judaism and Christianity can be found at the Related Question below.

What is the relation between precipitation and condensation?

nothing. because precipitacion is a chemical reaction, and condensation is a physical reaction.

What is the difference between condensation synthesis and hydrolysis?

Condensation systhesis makes polymers and hydrolysis breaks them down

What is the difference between Drop wise condensation and film wise condensation?

heat transfer rate high

What do evaporation and condensation have in common?

They are the exact oposite, but the energy of evaporation and energy of condensation are the samedifference between evaporation and condensation evaporation is change of solid into vapour ----

What are within group and between group differences?

Within group differences refers to differences within one individual group. Between group differences refers to the differences between 2 or more groups.

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