Statistically how many school teachers are male female gay straight married single Republican Democrat Libertarian short tall fat thin White Black Yellow Red Christian Moslem Jew Buddhists?


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I'd say none of them are. It would be exceedingly difficult to be all the things you describe, but one could certainly try.

This is not something that is compiled by any official source. If you did a survey, it's doubtful that you'd get enough honest answers for accuracy. What would be the point in finding out? Sexual orientation is irrelevant it is the morals and character traits of a person that is important. Questions don't normally stun me but this one did. Please don't tell me that you think people have to volunteer this kind of personal information when applying for ANY job. If you're asking how many school teachers are HAPPY (gay) I'd say the majority are but some of the nuns in my grade school were kind of cranky. It may have had something to do with my inability to shut up.


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Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion. It makes no stance on the existence or absence of a deity; there are huge numbers of Christian Buddhists, just as there as huge numbers of atheist Buddhists.

I'm not sure.. but most Japanese people are Buddhists

What others religions believe about their deity is of no concern to most Buddhists any more than Christian have n "official" position on the attributes of Thor. It should be noted that there is no unifying instruction manual for all Buddhists to follow so there is a lot left up to individuals.

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It's intriguing that those are apparently the only choices you can think of. Statistically, the answer is probably 'yes'. She is more likely Christian than Jewish, though.

Buddhism has no deities and no prophets. The "Holy Spirit" is a Christian concept not present in Buddhism.

From my understanding, Buddhists do believe there are "gods," but these are similar to the Hindu gods, not the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim idea of "God." Buddhists also believe that these gods are kind of just there. You wouldn't really ask them for help like you would ask God if you were a Christian. You are kind of on your own.

Religiously, McKinley was a Christian; politically he was a Republican.

Most of the people are Muslim, however you can find Christian churches as Russians living in Uzbekistan are mostly Christian. You can find also Buddhists mainly ethnic Koreans.

No. The 'Lord's Supper' or Commnion is purely a Christian phenomenon.Answer:Some do... There are Christian Buddhists. I know, seems like an oxymoron!! However, if you ask a Buddhist that practices only Buddhism what religion they are they will not say Buddhism. Buddhism, to the Buddhist is not a religion, but a way of life. Buddhists do not worship deities. They accept all religions as well. Therefore one can be a Buddhist and a Christian. So when you as "Do Buddhists incorporate the lords supper into their ceremonies" you can have several answers by several Buddhists who practice different religions as well as the way of Buddhism.Further information which may be usefulMany Tantric Buddhists have a practice known as the ganacakra (in Sanskrit) or tsog (in Tibetan) feast ceremony, in which eating and drinking are practised as part of a sacred ceremony of drawing closer to their Guru. These ceremonies have a similarity to the Christian Eucharist (Holy Communion), and are most heartfelt practices.Further information about Buddhists and religion: Some Buddhists, even monks or nuns, may say they are religious as Buddhists, and that Buddhism is their religion. However, it still stands that a Buddhist can adopt any religion he or she wishes, in addition to being a Buddhist, whether you consider it a philosophy or religion. Any religion a Buddhist adopts must be considered a peaceful one.

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Officially, China has no Religion and is atheist, unofficialy there are Daoists, Buddhists Christian and Muslims within the country.

Officially, China has no Religion and is atheist, unofficialy there are Daoists, Buddhists, Christian and Muslims within the country.

Just as there is no "Christian" language, there is no "Buddhist" language. Buddhists speak the language of the location they live in.

From the question as stated, NO, as Lutherans and Calvinist are Christian.

There is no language of Buddhism. Individual Buddhists speak whatever language they and their countrymen speak. Many original Buddhist texts are written in Pali in the parallel way that many original Christian texts are in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek and the vast body of Christians do not speak these languages

They were very tight-knit communitites, almost always Christian, and Democratic (not Republican, they were anti-Republican)

Most Likely, since he is christian, he believes in self responisibility

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