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Alabama has a long list of felonies with no set statute of limitations. For those that do, probably including grand theft, it is set at 3 years. The statute is met once an indictment or warrant is issued, regardless of whether it can be served immediately or not. And if it involves state or county property it can be 6 years.

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Q: Statutes of limitations for grand theft in Alabama?
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What is statutes of limitations in NC for theft?

Misdemeanor theft: Two years Felony theft: None

What is the statute of limitations on theft in Alabama?

In Alabama theft with threat of violence is a felony. There is no statute of limitations. Otherwise it would be three years.

What are the statutes of limitations on grand theft auto in North Carolina?

North Carolina's statute of limitations are very basic and simple. Grand theft is a felony. For a felony of any type there is no limit. Malicious misdemeanors have not limit either. Other misdemeanors are set at 2 years.

What is statute of limitations for grand theft over 300.00?


What are the Statute of limitations on grand theft auto in sc?

There is none.

Is the statute of limitations for a felony theft 3 years from the date of the theft in Alabama?

The time frame is 3 years in Alabama. However, it is probably going to be measured from the discovery, not the actual theft.

What are the consequences for grand theft?

Grand Theft is a felony offense. Dpending upon the state's statutes it is punishable by a sentence of more than one year in the penitentiary.

What is the Alabama theft statute of limitations?

Theft is typically a felony. In Alabama they have set the limit at 3 years. However, if the theft involves the conversion of state or county property, it could be 6 years.

What is the statute of limitations on grand theft in Florida?

Its four years from the day the incident was reported.

How long does the state of West Virginia have to charge someone for a theft?

Petty larceny is 3 years, minor theft is 1 year. Felony or Grand theft, no statutes of limitation.

Is larceny a lower form of theft?

yesAnother View: No. The two words are synomyms. The statutes of some states refer to the crime of theft and others call it larceny. Either way they are referring to the same offense. Grand Theft = Grand Larceny and Petit Theft = Petit Larceny.

What is the statute of limitations for theft in Arizona?

Statute of limitations for theft in Arizona is 1 year for misdemeanor theft, and 7 years for felony theft. There is no statute of limitations on theft from public office.

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