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Plug in a code scanner. Usually you should be able to figure out what's going on if you use an OBDII scanner for vehicles in that range.

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Q: Steady maintenance Required light in your civic 2002 that do not goes off even you follow the instructions from Manual?
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2004 odyssey maintenance req'd light is on steady just had brake job any relation mileage at 37700?

In your owners manual there will be a list of required routine maintenance intervals and your cars computer is letting you know that one of these items needs to be adressed. Look for an item that requires service at 37000 to 38000 miles. It doesnt necessarily indicate a problem but it may take a visit to the dealer or a technician to clear the reminder from the computer.

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The computer is advising you that your oil change interval is drawing near. When the light changes to a steady glow you will have passed the factory set mileage recommended for an oil change.

What does it mean when the maintenance required light blinks 3 times and then goes out when you start your Toyota highlander?

It means you've passed the 7,500 mile mark since your last oil change. Within a few more miles (maybe evn by the time you get this) the light will have gone to steady on.

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