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Steering wheel shaking?

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Get your tires balanced and/or check the lug nuts.

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you steering wheel starts shaking because you probably have warped roders your shaking will get worse at higher speeds and when pressing the brake

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

You have a warped brake rotor.

1. out of balance tire 2. Steering out of alignment 3. bad wheel bearings

Tires need to be balanced and re-aligned

If your steering wheel is shaking you probabley messed you wheels or axel up

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defective tire, or worn steering parts.

At highway speed, tire out of balance or bent wheel. When stopping, warped rotor.

A shaking steering wheel means something is wrong. Can be a tire out of balance, bent wheel, or suspension problem. Whatever it is, the shaking it putting stress on other parts and can cause other things to wear out. It is especially hard on wheel bearings. have this diagnosed and repaired asap.

You need to see a mchanic BADLY!!!!

It could, if the damage has caused a loose component or the alignment to be way off.if the sterring wheel is shaking while applying the brakes then most likey the brake roters need machining or replacing

Tire Wear Shaking in the steering wheel. Pulling, won't travel straight. If they break, NO STEERING Boom

where is it shaking in the steering wheel or in the seat? shaking at certain speeds can be caused by a busted belt in a tire

A bent, loose or unbalanced wheel. And, if there is no shaking in the steering wheel, then it is most likely from one, or both, of the rear wheels. Irregularity or bulge in a tyre also causes car shaking. I've has this problem once, and it was because the engine mounts needed to be replaced.

Normally this is caused by one or more of the tires out of balance. If the steering wheel is shaking then you know it is a front tire. Have all your tires rotated and balanced.

More than likely your tires are out of balance. Have your tires rotated and balanced. Make sure they check for a bent wheel.

The tires are out of balance...may need tires, or rim(s) are bent

Does the steering wheel shake worse when you step on the brakes? If braking does not cause the steering wheel shaking you probably just have an out of balance wheel, a bent rim or a faulty tire.

Most shaking in the steering wheel on ANY vehicle is caused by balance problems. The tire can be out of balance, the wheel can be bent or the axle (half-shaft) can be damaged and out of balance.

You probably need to get your tires balanced. Or replaced. If the bias goes (steel belt breaks or shifts), the car will waddle at low speeds, and the steering wheel will shake at high speeds.

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, worn suspension parts, bent drive shaft, or possibly a broken motor mount.

Have the front rotors turned on a lathe at a dealership. check brakes and rotors

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