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Step by step how to change spark plug and spark plug wires on 1994 Chevy s10 pickup 6 cylinder?


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1. Get a service/repair manual before you start any of your own work on your vehicle. It will pay for itself over and over again. 2. Make sure your motor is off and cool before you start. 3. Take just one spark plug wire off one plug by grabbing the spark plug wire boot and not the wire itself. Or use a spark plug wire puller. 4. Make sure there is no dirt and/or oil around the spark plug. If needed, wipe the area around the spark plug hole being careful not to brush the dirt and oil away from the hole. Better yet blown it out with compressed air if you have a compressor. 5. Take out that plug with the proper tools by turning the plug to the left (counter clockwise). Usually the tool is a 13/16 or 5/8 deep socket. You may have to have a swivel joint and an extension also. 6. Apply anti-seize compound to the plug threads. Replace it with a new one turning the spark plug in by hand until hand tight. 7. Use the same tool you used to take out the old plug to snug up the new plug. Do not over tighten. 8. Connect the spark plug wire onto the new plug. Make sure it is on. They usually kind of snap on. 9. Follow steps three through eight until all spark plugs have been replaced. Tips: While you are at the parts store you might want to get a spark plug gaper and spark plug wire puller. Even though the gap is pre set on new plugs it is a very good idea to check it (ask the counter clerk at the auto parts store for the recommended gap). The wire puller saves the wires from pulling apart from the boot. Doing just one plug at a time helps you to keep everything in order. A crossed plug wire means the vehicle will miss fire or fire out of order. Take a good look at the old plugs. They can tell you a lot on how your vehicle is running. While you are under the hood, consider spending another $20 - $30 for high quality plug wires. If you replace the plug wires be very careful and only do them one at a time and don't get them crossed. What You Need: Socket Driver 3/16 or 5/8 deep socket 3" and 6" drive extensions Swivel adapter for the driver allows for tight spaces Anti-seize compound TO REPLACE CLY'S #1, 3, & 6 THE INTAKE MANIFOLD HAS BE REMOVED. A REPAIR MANUAL MAY BE HELPFUL. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP ANYTHING DOWN THE INTAKE OR YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR ENGINE.


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