Stereo fuse on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

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Engine bay fuse box (10A Radio Clock)
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Where is the starter relay on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

Answer . Hi, I just saw this and thought I could offer some help as I had removed my starter relay and made some repairs to it. It is fairly difficult to find: Push your

How do you install a clutch on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

First off check to see if you need A complete Kit or just Certain Parts.. Honestly i would just buy the OEM Kit and Wait For Something better But This is On how To Install a O

How do you align a 1992 Honda Prelude?

For the front wheels, adjust the tie rods. For the rear wheels, there is a bolt on a control arm with a weird / off-centered looking washer on it, loosen the nut, and turn the

Where are the fuses on a 85 Honda prelude?

The fuses on an 85 Honda Prelude are located in the panel near thehood release and under the hood. The main fuse box is locatedagainst the firewall in the engine compartment.

Service plug on 1992 Honda Prelude?

It's a two pin blue plug that resides behind your radio. You have to reach around the back of the black plastic center console.