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i am having same problem with my 89 van also. i have replaced distributor

and the coil and the module. it fires once but no more than that.i was told it could be the computer or the timing gear went bad. i do not have the money to put it in a shop , they are to expensive, so i am just hunting and pecking on my van . i do have fuel pressure. i was told i need 30 lbs of gas pressure but do not know how to check that. i would by a new computer if i could find one.hope you have better results than I

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What is the cause of on and off electricity in the distributor?

In a Pre-Electronic Ignition distributor, the "Points" are opened and closed by a rotating cam. This acts as a switch turning 12v on/off to the High Voltage Coil at the proper time. In an electronic ignition, a solid state circuit (transistors) performs the switching duty, replacing the Points/Cam as a timing circuit.

OBD2 CODE P0320?

Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction

Why does a 94 Honda ex putt and turn off?

try checking the ignition circuit on the side of the distributor.

What will stop your car from sparking?

There can be many reasons. A bad distributor if so equipped, bad spark plug wires, no signal from the Electronic Control Unit Or Engine Control Management Computer, a bad fuse for the ignition circuit...and on and on.

What is a p0320 on a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500?

Trouble code P0320 means: Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit

Where is ignition coil located in 1989 Toyota Corolla?

Toyota corolla ignition coil can be found inside the distributor assembly together with igniter circuit... engine is 16valve carburator type..

What is the AM-2 fuse for in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

The AM2 fuse protects the circuit between the battery and the ignition switch. After the ignition switch, it first powers the distributor, then the igniter module.

1999 Jeep Cherokee fault code p0320?

Trouble code P0320 means: Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit

What is 2004 Chrysler check engine code P0320?

P0320 Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction (cam sensor)

What could be wrong if your 2001 dodge ram has code P0320?

Trouble code P0320 means: Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit

Why does our1986 Celebrity 2.5 have no spark at the spark plugs?

If any part in the ignition circuit is defective it can result in no spark at the spark plugs. Some components to check" The ignition switch could have failed. The engine computer or associated wiring may have failed. The distributor could be bad or have a bad component. The pickup coil may have failed. The ignition module can fail. The rotor or the distributor cap could have failed. The coil may be bad, or associated wiring could have failed. The wire from the coil to the center of the distributor cap can fail. Spark plug wires may need replacement. .

Ignition Points and spark plug gap for vw 63 model?

There are kits available which turn your old points distributor into an electronic ignition system, i have converted both my veedubs and it removes all of the guesswork & trouble from your distributor. The kit comes with instructions and is very easy to use, you basically just gut your distributor cap & put in a circuit board & boom, electronic ignition. I will post a link below. Oh, and gap your plugs at .024 inches.

Why would a 1991 Accura Intergra 1.8L suddenly drop to 0 RPM and shut off but restart and drive a little way before it does the same thing again?

This problem is due to a weak igniter circuit within the distributor and was solved by replacing the distributor.

GM Scanner found code 42 EST How do you fix it?

The EST circuit has been on G.M. vehicles for quite a few years. So, EST can be seen on a vehicle with a high-energy ignition distributor (HEI) or, vehicles that are equipped with a direct ignition system. (DIS) {Distributor �less}Why EST?To provide improved engine performance, better fuel economy, and to better control exhaust emissions, the computer controls spark advance (timing) with the EST system. To calculate spark advance the computer uses information from the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor and the coolant temperature sensor (CTS) as well as engine RPM.How spark advance is calculated:� Low MAP (low engine load) = more spark advance� Cold engine = more spark advance� High MAP (high engine load) = less spark advance� Warm engine = less spark advance� High RPM = more spark advance� Low RPM = less spark advanceThe system.The EST system consists of the ignition module, computer (ECM/PCM), and the connecting wiring. There are four circuits to this system.The circuits and their functions:� Reference.This circuit provides the computer with RPM information. If this circuit becomes open or shorted to ground the engine will not run, because the computer will not operate �trigger� the fuel injectors.A common saying here is, no reference no run.� Reference ground.This circuit is grounded in the ignition module and the computer; it makes sure the ground circuit has no voltage drop, which could affect vehicle performance. I have found an open in this circuit can cause a vehicle �no start� as well as a false code 42/E23.� By-pass.The computer applies 5 volts to this circuit to switch timing control from the ignition module to the computer. The computer is telling the ignition module that it will control the timing. An open or a short to ground of this circuit will set the code and the engine will run on base timing. (Plus a small amount of advance built into the ignition module.)� EST.This circuit triggers the ignition module. The computer does not know what the actual timing is, what it does know is when it gets a reference signal. It uses this reference signal as a base point and advances or retards the spark from that point. So, if on vehicles where the base timing is adjustable, and the base timing is set incorrectly, the spark curve will be off through its entire range by the amount that the base timing is misadjusted. An open or short to ground in this circuit will set the code and cause the engine to run on ignition module timing.Why the computer flags this code.What we have here is a failure to communicate.� The ignition module and the computer are in constant communication when the engine is in operation. (Over 400 RPM.)With the computer telling the module the correct timing. If communication is lost or a circuit becomes infected with false signals (bad grounds, short to battery +, Electro Magnetic Interference {spark plug wires to close to circuit wiring}, oil contamination of the circuit connectors and wiring) then the computer will turn timing control back to the ignition module and flag the code.Possible causes:� EST circuit open or grounded.� Bypass circuit open or grounded.� Reference Ground circuit open or shorted to battery� +.� A bad computer to engine circuit ground.� A defective ignition module.� A defective computer. If you are testing a vehicle for this code check the routing of the spark plug wires making sure they are not to close to the EST circuit(s) wiring. Check the connector terminals making sure they are not over-sized or oil contaminated. Check the entire wiring of the circuits for chaffing,short(s) ground.Http://

2000 golf 1.4 wont start when warm?

try checking the distributor,fuel relays,computer circuit board or mother borde.coil etc

What is the trouble code po320 ina Kia Sedona 2003?

Kia Trouble Code: PO320 Ignition/Distributor engine speed input circuit malfunction Probable Cause: 1. Open or short circuit condition 2. Poor Electrical Connection 3. Faulty Ignition Failure Sensor 4. Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor

Where is the tachometer sending unit on a 1987 Mercury Sable?

There is no such animal as a "tachometer sending unit." The tachometer circuit is spliced into the ignition circuit and reads the actual ignition signal used by the ignition module.

Is the main circuit board of the computer?

The main circuit board of the computer is the motherboard.

What is purpose of crankshaft position sensor circuit perf?

In older cars that used a distributor, the distributor shaft was connected to the camshaft. The camshaft was connected to the crankshaft. So as they all turned, the spark would fire in direct correlation to the crankshaft. Once they eliminated the distributor, the computer needed a way to determine when to fire the spark. So they place a sensor near the end of the crankshaft and it reports the crankshaft position to the computer. So the computer can know when to fire the spark for each cylinder.

What happens when there is a current in the ignition circuit?

When a electro magnet is formed

Dodge Intrepid trouble codes 2314 and 2315?

Trouble code P2314 means: Ignition coil E, secondary circuit - malfunction Trouble code P2315 means: Ignition coil F, primary circuit - circuit low

How do you fix P0352 ignition coil B primary secondary circuit malfunction?

Replace the ignition coil(s).

Why can you turn your ignition on and crank but when you turn the ignition off the ignition lights stay on?

Could be either a bad ignition switch or a bad voltage regulator (not opening circuit on shut-down)

What would cause an electronic ignition ignitor to blow out?

A fire in the jet pipe would. the blow out circuit is used to blow out a jet pipe fire during ignition. this circuit stops the starter motor thus cancelling the ignition and fuel flow.

What does a memory board do?

A computer motherboard is nothing but the circuit board or the circuit which controls the entire functioning of the computer