Structure of ebt indicator

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structure of ebt indicator

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Q: Structure of ebt indicator
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What is the structure of ebt indicator?

EBT is Eriochrome Black-T.It is used in complexometric titrations.Its structural formula is HOC10H6N=NC10H4(OH)(NO2)SO3Na.

What is the molecular structure of EBT?

HOC10H6N=NC10H4(OH)(NO2)SO3Na (Eriochrome Black T is an indicator chemical.)

Structure of EBT?

Eriochrome black-t

Why EBT indicator do not form complex with Mg ions?

If for you EBT is eriochrome black T, this compound form a complex with magnesium ions.

What is the structure of the starch indicator?


Name the indicator used in the edta method?

Erio Chrome Black-T, is usually used as indicator. It is commonly known as EBT. EBT can easily form weak complex ,which can be replaced easily by Sequencing agent Ethylene Diammine Tetra Acetic acid

What is an EBT indicator?

EBT is also known as Erichrome Black T and is useful in titrations with EDTA where it starts as a dark/wine red colour and changes to a deep blue in titrimetric analysis.

What is better indicator of the relationship between two organisms structure or function?


Why is EBT indicator used for EDTA complexometric titration in determining water hardness?

ebt is used to get the end point of reaction that is in the end point it gives steel blue colour describing that the reaction completed now

Why EDTA titration must be buffered at pH 10 when Eriochrome Black T is used as the indicator?

because EBT work best in that pH

What is the structure of pan indicator?


What structure of phenolphthalein indicator and the reaction of the color exchange in the titration?


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