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Subaru Impreza window fuses?

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Where is the fuse box in the 1996 Subaru impreza?

The fuse box for a 1996 Subaru Impreza is under the dashboard on the drivers side on the exteme left side. Also, there are fuses in the engine compartment on drivers side re: relay switches, signals and lighting.

Why would the turn signals work on Subaru Impreza but not the hazards when the fuses are good?

Sounds like a relay, which should be near or in the fuse box.

Where is power window fuse for 91 Subaru loyal?

I am not going to swear to this but I belive it has a breaker which resets after the excessive load is no longer on the circuit.Power window fuses are not common for vehicles the breaker is the typical setup

What fuse is the one for the left rear window in your 2002 Subaru Outback Ltd?

I don't own this vehicle, but thanks for asking. The entire power window system shares fuses and circuit breakers. If only one window is not working the problem is not a fuse.

Your 93 subaru impreza was fine one moment the next moment you tried to start it and the engine wont even try to turn over The lights and battery still work What could be the problem?

check your fuses The starter

My subaru impreza central lockin has stoped working and my interior light has stoped aswell can some 1 plleeaaassse help?

Check fuse box. Your operator manual should show all fuses, their location, and what they protect.

How do you fix the dash lights in a 1995 subaru impreza There are no fuses blown and the gauges all work?

Bulbs burned out? Dimming rheostat is open? Bad headlight switch? Make sure parking and tailights are working (same circuit)

Where are the fuses for a rear window heater on an almera 2001?

where are the fuses located for the rear window heater on an nissan almera 2001

Where are the fuses for you window on a 2006 BMW 525i?

Check glove box there are fuses there

Where is the flasher relay located on a 1995 Subaru Impreza?

It is located in the engine compartment, near the battery I'm pretty sure. You'll see a black box that has a bunch of fuses and relays in it, should be able to check the owners manual to see which is which...happy hunting!!

What is the Subaru Impreza fuse layout?

Consult your owner's manual. There are quite a few fuses in two fuse blocks, passenger and engine compartments and to describe the location of every fuse would be a large task and reading it in text would probably not be something that would benefit you. If you would like to ask a more specific question you should include the model year of your Impreza.

1993 subaru impreza the horn stopped working checked fuses all is good there and i do have an airbag but no idiot light is on any idea how to fix?

My wrx 1995 stopped working because of the carbon brush on the rear of the wheel. fitted after market neon horn swith to dash to get round it.

Driver Side Window down and wont come up?

if manual, window regulator. if electric, check fuses, window switch, window motor, window regulator.

How do you fix dashboard lights in a 1993 Subaru Impreza All gauges word. No blown fuses. Tail lights parking lights head lights High and Low all work. Bulbs aren't blown.?

take out your dash where your radio is located and check the illumi con unit, i had the same problem with my 1995 subaru, it is a little black box in mine.

Where are the window fuses located in a 1998 Subaru Legacy?

You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with diagnostics and specs -- make copies of the right sections as they are usually only available in the REFERENCE section...good luck :)

Exactly where is power window fuses in 2005 Chevy Malibu claasic?

The power window fuses and relay should be on the passenger side dashboard facing the door. take the panel off and on the panel it should be labeled... more fuses on the drivers side ...

Where are power window fuses on Astro Van?

Power window fuses for Chevy Astro Van should be under driver's side dash. If you put Driver seat all the way back it will make it easier to access fuses. On my '94 Astro van EXT these fuses are labeled power wd.

How can a 2001 subaru outback impreza sport all wheel drive be converted to a front wheel drive?

on my 98 outback impreza sport: under the hood, flip open the fuse box, check diagram on underside of lid, match up with outlay of fuses. Slip a 15A fuse into the slot designated "FWD". This will disengage the AWD, and FWD should show up on on your driver side dashboard. Hope that helps!

Why won't the sunroof on my 2001 Subaru Forester open?

The first thing to do is check all your fuses.

Why do the blinkers on your 1998 Subaru legacy outback not work?

it will either be the bulbs them selves or sheck the fuses

Subaru mirror fuse location?

I found the info about changing the 2001 Impreza Mirror Fuse on this PDF: But in short, there is a little compartment to the left of the steering column, when you open it, it has an arrow and says fuses. You pull out the little compartment, and behind it is several rows of fuses. The mirror fuse is #4, and is a yellow 20 fuse for me. I took a spare fuse from the engine fuse compartment, and used the fuse puller that is there as well. The PDF above has a nice diagram, I printed that up, and put it in the compartment when I put it back together. Hope this helps. Very hard thing to find.

How do you replace the driver side power window fuse?

I just found a fuse box under my hood in a black box with all kinds of fuses,in it there they were window fuses. what was the number and code please.?

Your window fuses keep burning out on your 1993 190e Benz how do you fix the wire connections?

Answer Check the window switches.

Where are the fuses for the electric window in Mitsubishi magna located?

under the bonnet

Back window fuses Windstar?

Please your question is incomplete and I am not able to answer it.