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honey hence the name honey bees Honey bees also produce bees wax by converting honey.

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Q: Substance produced by honey bees
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Which is the sweetest natural substance?

Honey, as produced by honey bees.

How does one say 'honey' in Japanese?

If you're referring to the substance produced by bees, it is 'hachimitsu.'

What sweet substance is made by bees?

Honey is the sweet substance made by bees.

Is raw honey and buckwheat the same?

No. They are different. Honey is a substance produced by bees. Buckwheat is a plant grown in the ground.

Where is honey from?

Honey is produced by bees.

What food in France is le miel?

Miel is French for honey, a sticky, sweet-tasting substance produced by honey bees.

What is the scottish translation for the word honey?

Honey is a sweet substance that is produced by bees and can be used as an alternative to sugar. The Scottish translation for the word, honey is mil.

Is honey necter?

No. Honey is a substance obtained from bees. Bees produce honey from pollen, not nectar.

Honey in Japanese?

"Honey," as in that which is produced by honey bees, is 'hachimitsu.'

What are honeybees used for?

Making honey. If you buy a jar of honey in a supermarket, it has been produced by honey bees.The uses for honey bees are to produce honey

What is the sweet substance made by bees?


Is honey renewable or not?

Yes. Honey can be produced again and again by bees.

Honey can be produced in a desert why?

Honey bees die in high temperatures

Do bumble bees generate honey?

No. Honey is only produced by the honey bee - Apis Mellifera.

How are honey and wax related?

They are both produced by bees.

Can you make beeswax with honey from the jar?

Wax and honey are not the same thing. The bees make wax to store honey inside. The honey is a separate substance that the bees use for food.

What bees do not make honey?

Honey bees make honey. They live in colonies and store the honey to feed the larvae. Most solitary bees, such as bumble bees, make only a little of a honey-like substance which they eat themselves.

Is Royal Jelly honey?

No. Royal Jelly is a substance produced by worker bees to turn a bee egg into a larva which will develop into a young queen.

Are male honey bees produced by the process of meiosis?


How much honey is produced by bees in one year?


Is honey a pure substance or mixtures?

It depends on your definition of pure substance. In its natural state, honey is a pure substance. Natural honey is a pure natural substance producted by bees. However, honey is a mixture of a great many different elements.

What kind of honey do bees produce?

There are some kind of honey produced by bees, according to the kind of flower they get their stock, but basically honey has the same molecular structure with some variations.

Do honey bees poop honey?

Bumblebees defecate a yellow, liquid substance which could probably be confused with honey, however, they do not defecate honey.

Is syrup honey?

No, syrup is not honey. Honey is a natural substance created by bees. Of course, you can use honey in place of syrup; many people do.

Why are bees unique in regard to human food?

Honey bees are unique because they make honey -- the only food eaten by man that is produced by insects.

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