Summary of 'keeping Quiet' by Pablo Neruda?

The world in which we are living is at the verge of destruction. The earth has become an ailing planet and has been crying for help. We humanbeings who have become self centered are the culprits.We have been killing our fellow brothers in the name wars.We have been destroying nature because of our deeds and greed. We are responsible for the chaos and confusions,divisions,bloodshed,racism and disquiet on the earth.Before it is too late,let us interospect ourselves.Let us own the responsibility and join hands no matter black or white for the cause of our common future, for the brotherhood and peace which is more important than the materialistic possessions. So that we can be a proud predecessors to handover this beautiful,rich legacy to the future generations which we have not owned but borrowed from our ancestors.Let us be quietly creative and suspend, cease destructive activities because it is life which matters. Life is meant for living and cherishing the blessings of being humanbeings.

-Ranu Titus.