Summary of never trust a dead man by vivan vande velde?

It's a murder story.
A man named Farold is murdered, and the prime suspect is 17 yr. old Selwyn Roweson (they hated each other, Selwyn's knife was in Farold's back, Farold won over a girl they both wanted, Anora).

Because of all this, the villagers put Selwyn in a burial cave with Farold's decomposing body. Selwyn is scared until he finds a living witch named Elswyth. She's there looking for an ingredient for one of her spells.

Throughout this, Selwyn says he's innocent. He agrees to work as Elswyth's servant for a few years if she gets him out of the caves and brings Farold back to life (to prove he's innocent). However, the spell doesn't quite work, and Farold is brought back as a bat.

So, for another few years of work, Elswyth gives Selwyn a magic disguise to sneak back into his hometown to try to solve the murder. This is difficult, especially with the annoyance of Farold the talking bat, who's of no help (he was stabbed in the BACK, after all.)