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I have found that it usally is due to binding on the wind deflector. The best trick till you can get that resolved is to use a plastic card like a credit card or your video card, and place it in the opening just before it closes. It has to stick up high enough to go over the wind deflector and will actually act as a slide to push the deflector down as the roof goes over it. This can be a temporary or perminate solution depending on how motivated you are and the cars worth to you.

My sunroof does the same thing, but for me it is caused by the motor jamming, all i have to do is hit the motor and it closes, this works until you can rplace the motor.

Remember, the sunroof can always be manually opened and closed by removing the interior cover plate (on the ceiling) using a Torx (six lobe) driver- size T10, and then a standard screwdriver fits into the small, slotted pin located more-or-less in the center of the motor - rotating the pin one way or the other to open or close the roof.

Mine does this, and like in an above answer, it's the wind deflector. Reach out the window and above the front of the sunroof, and push it down a little while closing the sunroof. Remove your fingers as the flap starts to go down by itself.

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Q: Sun roof opened but will not close ' tries but stops '?
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