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If you are not a welder or fabricator or have a good friend who is one then yes get rid of it before it falls apart at a really bad moment. It can be mended however depanding on the severity and the extent of the rust problem by a qualified tech.

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How is iron bending different from iron rusting?

iron bending different from iron rusting

What are the physical and chemical changes in metal?

Physical Changes in metal are: melting bending and rusting

Why is rusting a serious problem?

because it compromises the integrity of the structure that is rusting...

Can metal rusting be an example physical change?

Metal rusting is more of a chemical change. Rust is formed when iron (Fe) reacts with oxygen in the air. A physical change would metal tearing or bending.

Is a rusting nail a physical change?

rusting a nail is a chemical change because of oxidation

How is rusting and transmutation related?

rusting and transmutation are the same because they are both dense. Therefore the attractive forces are determined by the air around it affects its rusting and transmutation.

Why is rusting of iron faster in rainy days?

rusting of iron is faster in rainy days because water is responsible for the rusting of iron i.e the presence of oxygen

Why rusting of iron is an oxidation reaction?

Because rusting of iron is a result of iron combining with oxygen chemically.

Why is rusting a problem?

Rusting is a problem because it will make the substance have a dirty color or, if it's a screw, the rustier it is, the harder it is to unscrew it. This rusting is due to the combining of rust and oxygen.

Why is rusting iron a chemical change what is classifications?

Because the rusting of iron is based on a chemical change, a reaction of oxydation.

Is rusting a chemical property or physical property?

Rusting is a chemical property because it is irreversible. It changes the identity of the substance.

Why is rusting a chemical change?

Rusting is a chemical change because rust changes in matter and produces a different kind of matter

Why does oil slow down the rusting of nails?

Because it prevents moisture from accessing the nail. Water is a catalyst for the process of rusting.

How is rusting of iron a chemical reaction?

Because rusting (oxydation) ia chemical reaction, a reaction between iron and oxygen.

Why does rusting not happen in the Sahara desert?

Because there is no water

Why is rusting a chemical change and not a physical change?

Rusting is a chemical change because the metal is reacting with air and changing into a new substance.

Is an iron nail rusting a chemical change?

Yes , rusting of nail is chemical change because any iron is chemical change.

Is rusting a phsyical change?

Rusting is a chemical change because under it iron goes under oxidation and oxidation is a chemical process. Also, a physical change can be reversed but a chemical change cannot and rusting cannot be reversed. Hence also rusting is a chemical change.

Why can phosphoric acid prevent rusting?

because i said sob

Why is rusting considered chemical weathering?

because it changes the item

Why is rusting faster in winter?

because there is more moisture in the air

Why is rusting of iron faster in rainy season?

Because of the moisture.

How can alloying prevent rusting of iron?

Alloying can prevent iron from rusting because it stabilizes the metal. If the metal is stable it won't react with oxygen.

Can the process of rusting be called combustion?

No; it is not combustion because in combustion substance react with oxygen first but in rusting the substance react with hydrogen first

Is a can rusting a chemical change?

Rusting is a chemical change. If a can rusts, it is because some of the iron in the steel that the can was made from has become an iron oxide compound.