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I'm not an expert, but if the sunroof moves, I would not suspect the motor at the outset. Everything I've looked at on the internet indicates sunroofs are rather quirky and expensive to fix. Levers, cables, adjustments, not easy to get at, etc.

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โˆ™ 2007-02-28 00:42:46
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Q: Sunroof leaks because it is not laying flat in back but it opens and closes mechanic says we need to start by replacing motor is this the only solution and will that really make it lay flat?
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How to Get Sunroof Repair for an Affordable Cost?

Often times, people become disappointed when they realize that the sunroof of a car needs to be repaired. It can be a hassle to have to repair the sunroof of a car. No one wants to have to spend the time doing this seemingly unnecessary and trivial task. however, if one simply must get it fixed, then there are affordable ways to get such a repair done without spending thousands of dollars at a mechanic. One should beware that a mechanic will likely try to overcharge a person for a sunroof repair. A mechanic may try to get a person to pay thousands of dollars to get a small repair done on one's car. This is because mechanics know how annoying it is to drive a car with a damaged sunroof. Birds can fly in a car without a sunroof and rain can pour into a car that does not have adequate protection for a damaged sunroof. Do not allow a mechanic to take advantage of one's situation and charge you thousands of dollars for such a repair. Instead of going to the mechanic, try to see if a dealership can repair the roof for free. If a person recently bought a car from a dealership, then this is a great idea. A dealer will likely have your car under warranty and be forced to do the repair no matter what the cost is. The good news is that this saves a car owner thousands of dollars in repairs. This will also help a car owner save time as well. If a car owner is unable to get the sun roof fixed by a dealer for free, then he or she may want to try fixing it by using an online how to guide. There are many guides available to help people in this sort of situation. One simply has to read the guide and follow it step by step. Otherwise, a person should simply try to find a cheap replacement cover to attach to the sun roof. Even though it might have a funny appearance, a person will not need to spend thousands to try to repair the car.

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