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I'm not an expert, but if the sunroof moves, I would not suspect the motor at the outset. Everything I've looked at on the internet indicates sunroofs are rather quirky and expensive to fix. Levers, cables, adjustments, not easy to get at, etc.

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What cars have a sun roof and are a convertible?

you cannot get a sunroof with a convertible, because a convertible is basically one big sunroof.

If you buy a 1996 Mitsubishi eclipse rs model and the car had a lowering coil spring kit on it and the right rear spring is not on because it was broken how do you go about replacing it?

go to a very good machanic. mechanic

What happens if you accidentally pour power steering fluid into your transmission?

I am not a mechanic, but I know you have a problem. I would suggest draining the transmission and replacing it with the proper fluid. I wouldn't drive it because I think that might worsen the problem.

How to Get Sunroof Repair for an Affordable Cost?

Often times, people become disappointed when they realize that the sunroof of a car needs to be repaired. It can be a hassle to have to repair the sunroof of a car. No one wants to have to spend the time doing this seemingly unnecessary and trivial task. however, if one simply must get it fixed, then there are affordable ways to get such a repair done without spending thousands of dollars at a mechanic. One should beware that a mechanic will likely try to overcharge a person for a sunroof repair. A mechanic may try to get a person to pay thousands of dollars to get a small repair done on one's car. This is because mechanics know how annoying it is to drive a car with a damaged sunroof. Birds can fly in a car without a sunroof and rain can pour into a car that does not have adequate protection for a damaged sunroof. Do not allow a mechanic to take advantage of one's situation and charge you thousands of dollars for such a repair. Instead of going to the mechanic, try to see if a dealership can repair the roof for free. If a person recently bought a car from a dealership, then this is a great idea. A dealer will likely have your car under warranty and be forced to do the repair no matter what the cost is. The good news is that this saves a car owner thousands of dollars in repairs. This will also help a car owner save time as well. If a car owner is unable to get the sun roof fixed by a dealer for free, then he or she may want to try fixing it by using an online how to guide. There are many guides available to help people in this sort of situation. One simply has to read the guide and follow it step by step. Otherwise, a person should simply try to find a cheap replacement cover to attach to the sun roof. Even though it might have a funny appearance, a person will not need to spend thousands to try to repair the car.

Who makes more money an airplane mechanic or a school teacher?

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I was told that you cannot recharge the air conditioner on a 1993 Toyota Previa has any one done it lately?

I have a 93 previa. I took it to a mechanic because it wasn't cooling. they recharged it after replacing the nipple on the system with one that takes the newer freon.

How does viscosity affect a mechanic?

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Is the mechanic liable for damages if the car breaksdown less than 3 hours after getting it back from the mechanic because of previous repairs?

if it is a result of the work that the mechanic in question performed

How do you fix the sunroof on a 1999 mercury cougar it won't open or close using the switch?

The most common problem with the 1999 to 2003 Mercury Cougar sunroof is the motion mechanism breaks away from the cable that pushes and pulls the sunroof open and closed. You can tell if this is the problem with your sunroof because the sunroof motor will whir, but the sunroof stays put, or moves a fraction. This is due to a design flaw, and cannot be fixed. The parts of the sunroof are either welded or riveted together, and do not come apart for service. In short, you have to buy a whole new sunroof. The part # is F8RZ63518A30AB for the sunroof. Google it to your own dismay. Did you check to see if there is a fuse for it? Try to locate an owners manual, they are usually marked what fuses are what or pull the cover off the fuse box(es) and sometimes they are written on the back of the cover what fuse is what. There may be several fuse boxes to locate, like under the dash by where you feet are, or out in the engine compartment.

Ford expedition sunroof stuck open how do you close it?

If the sunroof is stuck open on a Ford Expedition, a person can spray the linkage with Liquid Wrench. If the sunroof is stuck open because the motor is not working for it, check the fuse box for a burned fuse. The linkage can be taken apart, if necessary, and pressure can be applied from the top to close it temporarily.

Is there a difference between a sunroof and a moonroof or are they both the same thing?

A sunroof is opaque (usually flush metal with the body color on the outside). This roof can either tilt open to vent, slide open to let in light, or both. It is called a sunroof because the opacity prevents the sun from heating up the vehicle. These have existed for quite some time. In the 1970s, Ford introduced a glass sunroof that they named the Moonroof (actually, the American Sunroof Company, the company that made all domestic sunroofs and now known as American Specialty Cars invented it, but Ford was the first to install it). So to answer the question, a moonroof is a sunroof made of glass. The problem is, the distinction is becoming lost as more and more people use it incorrectly, Most people today just consider any sort of hole in the roof a sunroof. But in the strictest sense, sunroof=metal, moonroof=glass.

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Why my Sunroof does not close all the way?

maybe because something sticky got into it. or maybe it's just a technical problem

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