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Are you asking if there is a superstar mode for madden 09? if you are, then the answer is yes.


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How do you add gloves in superstar mode madden 09 for the wii?

You cant

How do you play Superstar Mode on Madden 09 for Wii?

you have to click superstar mode from the main menu and carry on from there. It's really self explanitory. It's fun for a while, but then it starts to get stupid.

What is the most fun position in madden 09 superstar mode?


Superstar mode for madden 09 on ps2?

Do good on interviews and have endorsements and you will do well

In Madden 09 Wii how to make good RB in superstar mode?

Its pretty easy all you have to do is select a rookie then go to rosters and tune his stats to 99.

Can you play Madden 09 DS on Wii?

You can't. You would need to play Madden 09 for Wii on the Wii!

Can road to glory players in ncaa football 10 be exported to superstar mode in Madden 09?

no derrr think ncaa 10 and madden 2009!

Is there superstar on Madden 09?


Playing superstar mode in madden 09 on the Wii i cant play all the game just the plays im in how do you turn that off?

push pause (+) then push Z or C to change it from computer control to player control.

In superstar mode for Madden 09 Wii how do you make it so that when you push B in a game you can see which button to push to pass it to a certain person?

You need to take the game mode off "All-Play". You can do this by pressing 1 (I think) when the time comes to select sides.

Can you switch positions in Madden 09 Superstar?

Yes you can

How do you pass the superstar challenge on madden 09?

by intelligenci.

What is better in Madden 2010 superstar mode or franchise?

They ruined superstar mode for madden 10 in my opinion. They took out most of the things that made it fun. Maybe they will make an add-on that we can download to make it better? If you want to play superstar mode go back to madden 09. As for franchise, it go much better. You should definitely play franchise mode if you are going to pick one of the two. But if you are really trying to get a good football gaming experience you would be better off gettin NFL 2k5.

How can you play with two players on Madden 09 for Wii?

Madden 09 is a single-player game only.

What is the difference between madden 09 and madden 09 all-play?

all play is for the wii only

Can you use a GameCube controler on madden 09 wii?


Can you relocate your team in Madden 09 for Wii?

No you can not relocate your team. But you can in other madden games.

How do you put your NCAA 09 superstar on madden 09?

you have to do a season. then when the preseasons over you have to import a draft class.

Can you use a wii classic controller with Madden 09?

sadly, No. Only wii mote

Can you play two players on madden 09 for the wii?

Yes you can.

Can madden 09 for Wii be played with a GameCube controller?

Unfortunately no.

Does madden 09 for wii have a fantasy draft and does it have roster updates?

Yes it has Fantasy Draft in Franchise Mode if that's what you mean. You have to go online to get roster updates.

Can you update madden 09 rosters on wii if so how do you I already downloaded internet for wii?

no, you cant

What are the answers to madden 09 superstar IQ test?

the awnswer is nothing the awnswer is nothing

How do you improve your custom superstar on WWE 09?

You can use them in career mode