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You would expect rain, the idea being because weather tends to move from west to east in this country due to the Westerlies.

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What is the weather for St Clair Michigan?

Raining and 67 degrees Fahrenheit and that is a nice day out side around here

How is the weather tomorow?

how is the weather tomorrow because tomorrow is thanksgiving!

What would the weather be like in New York state if it is raining in Ohio and Michigan?

I would guess rainy because the rainy weather would move up towards New York state and cause it to rain there.

Are 80cc bike motors all-weather?

Depends if its raining or not

Does the raining weather make sense?

It makes sense as 'rainy weather'.

What is the weather in spring?

it is warm and sometimes raining

What weather will it be tomorrow?

i think hot but what is the wether in california tommorow

What is the weather forecast for tomorrow in your hometown?

My weather for tomorrow is 81 degrees Fahrenheit and clear sky's

In Bridget Jones Diary what is the song when Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver are fighting in the restaurant?

Its raining men by the weather girls Its raining men by the weather girls

What is the weather event for floods?

it is cold raining and windy

What is the weather in England in spring?

it is raining siunny and mild

What is the common weather in the UK?

The most commen weather in the united kingdom is mostly raining.

What is Oregon weather like?

Oregon weather depends on the place. in the valley, it is usually raining or mild sunshine. in eastern Oregon, it is usually dry warm weather. and at the coast, it is also usually raining but is sunny depending on the season.

Is it bad if its raining and it wasn't going to?

No, it just means that the weather changed or the weather person was wrong.

The weather forecast says there is a 60 percent chance of rain today and a 40 percent chance of rain tomorrow What is the probability that it will rain today and tomorrow?

The probability that it will rain today and tomorrow is the multiplication of the probabilities of it raining both days. That is 0.6 X 0.4 = 0.24 So there is a 24% chance that it would rain both days.

Can a tornado happen while it is raining?

yes depending on the weather

What weather forecast for tomorrow for your area?

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a high of 93 degrees with a 50 percent chance of rain. The low temperature for tomorrow night is 73 degrees.

What was the weather like at the battle of bosworth?

Knowing Britain, it was probably raining

How does weather affect people's lives in Ghana?

If it is raining, they might get wet

What the weather in London like?

Right now in London it is 06.36 and raining.

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