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If you are driving on a four lane highway and you want to turn left, you should turn from the left hand lane. If you want to go right, turn from the right hand lane.

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When driving on a four lane highway or freeway you should?

When driving on a four lane highway or freeway you should use the right hand land or 'thru lane' except when passing. If the right hand lane is designated for slower traffic or for exiting traffic, you'd use the lane to the left of it.

Suppose you are driving on a four-lane highway From which lane should you turn Into which lane should you turn?

Always turn in to the lane closest to you (e.g. making a right turn onto a highway you should turn into the right lane).Turning from the highway depends upon which you are going, if left turns are premitted (some require left turns from the right lane only) So you must check the rules for that particular road. Unless there are other vehicles trying to come on to the intersection then you should just simply move to the left.

Will driving a Toyota four runner in four wheel drive at all times dry highway ect damage the transmission etc?


Assume that A load extends four or more feet beyond the bed or body of A vehicle driven on A highway in the daytime how many flags must be used to mark it and what color should they be?

they are suppose to be red and you should (to be safe) have 2 one on each side.

Four-way flashers should be used when?

while your vehicle is legally stopped or disabled on the highway or shoulder.

Four-way flashers should be used?

while your vehicle is legally stopped or disabled on the highway or shoulder.

When turning right from a four-lane highway to another four-lane highway you should?

You should turn from the right-hand lane closest to the curb/shoulder, into the right-hand lane (closest to the curb/shoulder) of the intersecting roadway.

Do four wheel drive cars use more gas?

Yes. In general. Though driving 55 mph on the highway with 4WD will use less than driving 75 mph on 2WD.

What transmission gear D4 or D3 should be the everyday driving in a 1995 Honda Del Sol?

You should use d4 because that means it will use all four gears in your automatic transmission. D3 will only go from 1-3 which is fine if your not going highway speeds.

How do you drive in four wheel drive?

For the most part and under normal highway driving, driving in 4x4 is just like driving in 2 wheel drive. When things get slippery or the surface more uneven you get added traction and grip on the road. Keep in mind that although traction is improved in four wheel drive, braking does not improve.

Why would nothing happen if a bulb blew up in a parallel circuit?

The total current in the circuit would be reduced by the amount of current that was supplying the bulb. No other bulbs in the circuit would be affected. The comparison is driving on a highway. If you are driving on a two lane highway and the car in front of you slows down, you must slow down. If you are driving on a four lane highway you may drive beside (parallel) to the car, so if that car slowed down you would not be affected.

What gas mileage should your 2004 Honda Accord get?

Of course that depends on how you drive and where. I, myself own a 2004 Honda Accord V-6 and I get 31 mpg strictly highway driving and around 23 mpg in the city. Mixed driving I average around 26 mpg. A four-cylinder should get about two more miles per gallon in each category.

Driving time from Jacksonville to Defuniak Springs?

It should take you about four and half hours.

What is a divided four lane street?

A divided four lane street is a highway :)

What is the other name of the Trans-Canada Highway?

The Trans-Canada Highway is also known by numbers, the most common of which is 1. The Trans-Canada Highway is also known as Highway 1 in all four western provinces plus Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, and by a variety of numbers in the remaining four provinces. Many people think that the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (a.k.a. Highway 401) in southern Ontario is part of the Trans-Canada Highway, but that is a misconception. No part of the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway is the Trans-Canada Highway. Highway 16 in the four western provinces is "a" Trans-Canada Highway, but not "the" Trans-Canada Highway. Highway 16 is also known as the Yellowhead Highway.

How many miles per gallon will a 2007 Mazda 6 four cylinder with automatic transmission get?

I can get 40 mpg on the highway with mine doing 65 mph combined with a bit of in city driving which is what is is rated for. Will all depend on how hard and fast you drive it and in city or highway of course.

Where was the first four lane highway built?

the answer for this is pie.

The four wheel drive was engaged during dry highway driving and now it doesn't work. the tc engages but the front wheels won't turn?

There is some sort of vacuum cylinder or diaphragm on the front differential that engages it when you are in four wheel drive, that is probably the problem, I don't think driving it on dry pavement caused the problem.

Where do the Texas highway 285 and 652 intersect?

Texas Highway 285 and State Highway 652 meet/intersect in Orla TX. It is a four way stop there.

What type of lighting should cars use when parked on the highway at?

they should have thier four ways on with their parking lights on so yhe head lights dont blind anyone at night.

What is the driving time between Toledo Spain and Granada Spain?

It should tak between four and four and one half hours to drive from Toledo to Granada Spain.

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400.026.000 I suppose that should do it. The punctuations only make the number easier to read.

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Your not suppose to, its illegal

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