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Indian Council Act 1861

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Q: Supreme court of India was set up by?
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When was supreme court set up in India?


When was supreme court was set up by british in India?


What Supreme Court case set up the Supreme Court?

There is no case that set up the Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court was required under Article III of the Constitution; Congress created it with the Judiciary Act of 1789.

What can Congress set up and organize below the Supreme Court?

Federal Courts-Nova net- :)

How Many supreme court justice make Up the Supreme court.?


What is the only court set up by the US Constitution?

None of the courts were actually "set up" by the Constitution. Article III of the US Constitution required Congress to establish the Supreme Court, which it did in the Judiciary Act of 1789. Many people mistakenly believe the Constitution created the Supreme Court, but this is incorrect.

What supreme court case set up the clear and present danger list?

Schenck vs. United States

How many judges consist of supreme court?

9 judges make up the supreme court

What court did the constitution set up?

The U.S. Constitution creates the federal court system via its creation of the judical branch of government. The federal circuit court, the district court of appeals and the Supreme Court are the main parts of the federal judicial system set up as a result of the creation of "the judicial branch."

The US Supreme Court is made up of nine what?

The US Supreme Court has nine justices, the Court's official term for its judges.

How states are organized?

The state courts are going to be set up according to the state constitution. Most of them have 3 levels. The local courts, usually set up by county. Then there are appeals courts, typically set up by regions within the state. And then the State has their highest court, normally referred to as the Supreme Court.

What are facts about the judicial branch?

1.its head of the supreme court. 2.supreme court was set up by the constitution. 3.John Marshall of Virginia was appointed by President Adams as the fourth Chief Justice. 4.There are 13 judicial circuits, each with a court of appeals.

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