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I had my house repossessed about 10 years ago and can't remember the lender how do I find out if there was a surplus

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Q: Surplus monies after a repossession section 105 of the law and property act 1925?
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Do the executers of will sell property and distribute monies evenly as part of their duties?

They sell property, pay off debts and distribute monies as directed by the will or the intestacy laws in effect. "Evenly" may not be the way it was directed.

How long will a repossession stay on your credit report if you've made arrangements to repay the monies owed?

Normally a repossession stays on your credit rating for 7 years. If you are repaying the loan, talk to the bank and see if they have reported it. They may or may not have.

What happens if person dies and property is not paid for?

the city/state will sieze the property and do 1 of 2 things... have an auction to obtain the monies owed and/or keep the property and do as they mean fit

Can a lien be placed on a home property for monies owed in divorce settlement?

yes yes yes

If funds were used during a marriage to obtain a home can defendant request half of the property?

If marital monies were used, then the property is considered community property and subject to division base on your particular state's law.

Can an auto loan be reinstated after repossession in the state of Maine?

Yes but it's almost unheard of. You would have to pay all back monies owed and pay for the repossession, but why would they chance you again and go through all the red tape if you ignored all their requests for money, phone calls, letters etc and let it get to repo stage.

Can an executor force a beneficary to release monies left to them?

The monies are not the property of the beneficiary until the executor has released them. Any assets of the deceased have to be provided to the executor for inventory and valuation. Only once the debts have been settled can things be released.

If during the term of a trust deed you inherited some monies What happens to these monies?

I suspect your using terms that are wrong or you don't understand. A trust deed is just the document that specifies the interest in property. It doesn't really even have anything to do with a mortgage or loan on the property. cerainlunly nothing to other finances.

Can a lien be put against a home for a vehicle repossession?

Yes. That means in the event you try and sell your home, any monies received from the home their portion is given to them first. YES, IF the lender has a JUDGMENT against you.

What is property handed down from father to child?

Property handed down from father to child is an Estate and whatever is in that Estate such as monies; property or contents of the house; owning cars; boats, etc., is an inheritance to the child named in the father's Wills.

How long do credit card liens stay on property in Georgia?

If the credit card company who put the lien on your property won a lawsuit - making it a judgement, then the charges never go away. When you sell the property, the first monies you get will go to them.

Does a minor child have legal rights to social security monies from a deceased father if he died without a will or property and the child's biological mother is the custodial parent in Virginia?

None of the exceptions you present would disqualify a person under 18 years of age from receiving Social Security Benefits attributed to the fathers Soc Sec Account. Whoever the court appoints or considers to be the legal guardian will receive the monies to be used for the benefit and welfare of the minor. However the Soc Sec Admn has specific rules which could eliminate any receipt of monies. Refer to the benefits section of the Soc Sec Admn web sit

When a home is foreclosed on who is responsible for paying property taxes?

Well, if the bank has forclosed they are but can seek the monies from the new buyers. If you bought the tax certificate then you do.

What happens to existing judgments associated with prior homeowners after a home is foreclosed?

The sale of a foreclosed property follows a process of collecting records of all monies due that are attached to the title. Once the foreclosure sale is complete, monies are paid out according to the priority of the claimants. If the sale does not fully pay all monies owed, the prior owners may be liable for the remaining debts.

How do you use monies in a sentence?

Where's my monies...

What happens when your car is repossessed and they take you to court but you still can't afford to make the payments?

Your wages could be garnished. What happens in a repossession is that the car is auctioned off. Then you are responsible for the remaining amount owed. * When a borrower is sued for monies owed and the plaintiff wins the case a judgment is entered against the debtor/defendant. Judgments can be executed in accordance with the laws of the state where the debtor resides. The preferred method is wage garnishment or bank account levy, followed by the seizure and liquidation of non exempt property or a lien against real property belonging to the debtor.

What does being an successor in a life insurance policy mean?

A Successor should be named in the policy as a person that personal property and monies will be transferred to after a decedent estate is distributed.

Is monies the plural of money?

Yes, monies is the plural of money.

Are you responsible for the mortgage on the property that was left to you as an inheritance?

You are only responsible for the mortgage if you are willing to accept the debt. If you are not willing to accept the debt you simply allow the property to be entered into probate and foreclosed on by the lender. You are not responsible for any monies owed regarding said property even if it was "willed" to you unless you choose to do so.

How do you collect monies owed to a business by a contractor for work you performed on a property?

Place a lien on the property,house,etc. You will have to go to the courthouse where the property is and file a lien against the person(s) who owes the money. If it's a house,building,etc. the property cannot be sold until the lien is solved. It varies by state so check with your local courthouse.

What is a realestate short sale?

A real estate short sale is where property is sold less than market value in an effort to recover monies owed from the borrower's mortgage.

Are Homeowners associations allowed to disperse the settlement monies to homeowners only upon their approval?

It all depends on the terms of the association contract you signed when you bought your property. There are all kinds of arcane language limiting a property owners rights in the HOA's. That's why I never buy property in an HOA.

Is it true that you are not accountable to a creditor for any outstanding balance after an involuntary auto repossession in the state of Arkansas?

Not unless it is so specified in the lending agreement. There is no state statute that prevents a creditor regardless of the nature of the debt from seeking recovery of monies still owed on a valid contractual agreement.

Is Texas a community property state and if so what if a spouse withdraws all monies from all accounts before filing for divorce does the spouse have to return the community monies and properties?

Texas recognizes community and separate property. Community property is divided in a just and right manner. This does not necessarily mean equally; there are factors such as differences in earnings of the spouses, the nature of the property involved, and fault in the breakup that the Court can consider in the determination of "just and right." However, an equal division is a good rule of thumb. She may not have to physically return the money but the judge may take that into consideration when determining what is just and right.

You are Native American can you get government monies?

I'm entitle to monies from my native heritage