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what is the needle valve adjustment on a 125 DR


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Suzuki DRZ 125 is best dirt bike ever.

There is no rm 125 fourstroke they make a drz.

No because the RM125 body is way bigger than a DRZ125. A DRZ125 is about the size of an RM85.

the best 125 4 stroke is the suzuki drz 125 l but if its for a starter bike yamaha ttr 125

I can't find any mentions for a Suzuki DR-Z 125 2-stroke. The Suzuki DR-Z 125 4-stroke bike has a top speed of 50mph

Dont get me wrong they are both great bikes but suzuki has always had fast bikes my friend has a suzuki drz 125 and his friend has a Honda crf 150 the suzuki drz 125 has more power and is a great bike the Honda crf 150 is also a great bike but suzuki rmz 450 vs Honda crf 450 im going with......... suzuki rmz 450 all the way!!!!!!!

Well maksure there's fuel and that it is on, then you just kick it over using the kickstart on the right hand side of the bike

No, because the rm has different size plastics than the drz

Depending on the year about $2,800

The Suzuki DRZ 400 has received generally positive reviews in terms of drive performance. This is based on reviews from the Dirt Bike World and Dirt Action forums.

There is a big difference the rm is much faster

My guess is probably not, just because of size. No expert though, try Yahoo maybe.

my dad got 91 out of hi DRZ 400 SUZUKI

Most likely, yes. I'm not 100% though. look up the sizes of the two and if theyre very similar, then you should be fine.

To get the specific tire pressure for your motorcycle you only need to look on the wall of the tire. There you find the size of the tire along with recommended and max tire pressures.

Im running 10-30 castrol full synthetic oil in mine and 840ml nearly a quart

They go 35-40 stock maybe faster.

you could probley get it on ebay. if not try

The CRF 150 will barely edge the DRZ 125 on top speed.

About 45 - 50mph stock. Not meant for speed pretty slow.

.026 gap.....NGK part #7162

if your just starting out i would go with a Honda xr, 70 or 80. suzuki drz 110, or 80. pretty ,much anything 80 to 100. but some 100 CC bikes are tall, but the suzuki drz is smaller than the Honda XR100, its about as big as the Honda xr80

Yes, try and then go to dirt bike parts and you'll see 'graphics'

A stock 07 Drz-125 will run about 55 or 60 depending on the weight of the rider

Honda CRF, Yamaha WR, TTR and YZ, Suzuki RM and DRZ, KTM EXC and SX.

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