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Not sure of exact torque, would suggest good gasket, or rtv and use locktite on bolts, torque to approx 15 ft lbs.

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How do you switch characters in neopets The Darkest Faerie?

by holding r1 and l1 at the same time there will be a flash then u r switched

Which two forces are responsible for holding the atom together?

Electric forces and nuclear forces

What are the release dates for General Electric Theater - 1953 We're Holding Your Son 10-12?

General Electric Theater - 1953 We're Holding Your Son 10-12 was released on: USA: 3 December 1961

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I. R. Balmer has written: 'Investment in electric melting and holding'

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This varied from monarch to monarch and from the location of the person holding the opinion.

How do you replace the driver's side mirror on a Chevrolet equinox?

ive actually done this before! inside the car, in the mirror location is a triangle piece of plastic, it actually pops off and the mirrior has 2 nuts holding it on and a plug for the electric motor... that's it!

What is the strongest electric type Pokemon legend?

Not sure. I guess Arceus when it's holding a Zap Plate (and becomes an Electric-type). It's a really strong Legendary.

Holding electrons in orbit around atomic nuclei is an electric force of what between what and what?

Between protons and electrons.

What is the named storage location in the computer's memory?

a variable is a named storage location in a computers memory for holding a peice of information i have computer seince as my major ;)

How do you replace the electric fan on the radiator of a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Simply remove the 4 bolts holding it on and replace it.

What are the materials and steps for an electronic bell?

you would need a small electric motor, a little marble, and a holding box

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you cant,but you can get a electabuzz,and trade it with it holding a item,i forgot.but its a electric item.

What is a storage location in the computers memory used for holding info while the program is running?

In Visual Basics this is known as a Variable

Peugeot 406 electric window fault?

The electric windows on a 406 might behave weird if you disconnect the battery. But holding down the "window-down" on drivers side for 10 seconds or so should fix it.

If the relative humidity in a specific location is 50 percent how much percent of water vapor is the air holding?

The air is holding half the moisture that it has the capacity to hold. You can say nothing quantitative though with only this information.

What is true about the role electric forces play in matter?

Electric forces are responsible for holding atoms and molecules together. Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of matter, and require both attractive and repulsive forces to maintain balance. Therefore, electric forces are the foundation for the existence of all matter.

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The strongest of all electric Pokémon is the legendary Pokémon Zapdos and Raikou both will A base stat total of 580 (Unless you count Arceus holding a Shock Plate which changes it to electric type The strongest Electric Non Legendary Pokémon is the Generation 4 Pokémon Electivire with a base stat total of 545 The Strongest Electric Pokémon I could recommend is the Steel/Electric Pokémon Magnezone with the 2nd strongest non legendary electric type

After you have dribbled the ball and are holding the ball if the other team touches the ball can you dribble with it?

Yes. when the oter team makes contact with the ball the possession is switched to them. yet you are still in controll of the ball so you can ocntinue your dribble.

How do you change a Mabis ear thermometer from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

while holding the front button click on the smaller button on the back. My dd was playing with it and changed it unwittingly, I tinkered with it until it started switched back and the is what worked,

How do you get an electric Pokemon to learn volt tackle?

Only a breeded pichu could learn volt tackle with the female Raichu holding a light ball.

What is the drag and drop method in Excel?

Drag and drop is when you drag a cell then drop it into the destination location. You can move a cell from one place to another, by clicking on the edge of it and dragging. If you click on the edge of the cell while holding the Ctrl key and drag it to the new location, it will copy the cell. If you do it while holding the Shift key, it will insert it between other cells.

How do you turn off the maintence required light on a 2003 Honda civic?

With the vehicle switched off press and hold the reset button on the dash. While holding reset button switch the on ( without starting it) let all dash board lights light up keep holding and the light should go out in a couple of seconds.

Can you move a window on your screen by pointing to a blank area of a title bar holding down the left mouse button and dragging it to a new location?


What are the main function of headstock in a Centre lathe?

The chuck or any holding device mounted on the spindle hold the work to be machined. Transmit rotation of an electric motor to machining the work through spindle and holding device. Rigid holding of work piece so as to avoid vibration and lateral movement while machining. Maintain high circularity and accuracy of jobs.