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Symbolism of a dove tattoo?

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A dove tattoo can be taken as a Religious Symbol, As a Symbol of Peace and Hope, As Messengers, As a Symbol of New Life, And Also As a Symbol of the Afterlife... Also, A lone dove can be a symbol of purity, and makes a great tattoo design to mark a commitment to sexual abstinence in bachelorhood and marital fidelity later on. Two doves sharing the same branch is a lovely tattoo design for a newly married couple. A dove outline filled with the design of the American Flag, or any flag you choose, can be viewed as a statement about world peace. In keeping with the afterlife theme, a dove holding a year banner draped from its beak can be used to memorialize the passing of a loved one... kk hope that helps!!!:)

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What does a dove tattoo symbolize?

Many people may associate a dove with peace and tranquility. However, the true symbolism of one's tattoo depends on their view of it rather than popular perception.

Who is the celebrity who has a dove tattoo on her wrist?

Sienna Miller has a dove tattoo on her wrist.

What is the symbolism meaning of the white dove?


What is the symbolism of an anchor tattoo?


What is the symbolism of the pistol tattoo?

The symbolism of a pistol tattoo is the essential essence it gives off. It has a power to make people drop of hornyness. Whomever has a pistol tattoo is a f**king pimp!

What is the meaning of a dove tattoo?


What is the symbolism of a bell tattoo?

A symbol of freedom.

What is the symbolism of a blue butterfly tattoo?

The symbolism of a blue butterfly tattoo usually relates to joy. It also can relate to a change of luck or a fresh start.

What does the dove mean in Christian symbolism?

In Christian symbolism, the white dove represents the Holy Spirit, who is the Third Person of the Trinity, God In Us and acting through us. When the dove holds an olive twig in its mouth, it is the symbol of peace.

What is the symbolism of a lion's head tattoo?

A person's tattoo has usually been chosen for a personal and unique reason. A lion's head tattoo may be a symbol of pride or confidence. The symbolism of this tattoo may also have to do with some other personally meaningful reason.

What is the symbolism behind an axe tattoo?

destruction and creation

What is the traditional symbolism of a crown tattoo?

The traditional symbolism of a crown tattoo means for that person to take control of their own life, feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals and other such as this.

What is symbolism of dove in the wedding ceremony?

It symbolises peace, love and unity.

What type of tattoo does Justin bieber have?

he has a dove tatoo.

What is the symbolism of a black dove?

The symbolism of a white dove is hope and peace so that means the symbolism of a black dove is DEATH and since you asked this question you will die. JOKNIG!..........for now It could also mean that it is a symbol of SATIN or SIN

What was the tattoo that the singer Aaliyah had on her wrist?

She had a dove tattoo on her lower back, an initial and star on her hand and a music symbol tattoo on her ankle

Which tattoo symolises hope?

the dove is a universal sign of hope

What is the symbolism of a gypsy head tattoo?

It is thought to bring good fortune.

What does violin spider tattoo Symbolism?

Spinning webs of musical lies

What is the symbolism of a wing nut tattoo?

It means you're easy to screw.

What is the symbolism of Gregory the Great and Three Scribes?

The dove is the Holy Spirit dove and it means that Gregory was being spiritually inspired to copy the manuscripts.

Symbolism of a Tattoo on Lower Back?

People call it the 'Tramp Stamp'....Thats all the symbolism I know of for lower back tattys

What is the definition of symbolism in theater?

Symbolism is when something represents something. For example a candle could represent hope or a dove could represent peace etc.

How should you interpret the symbolism of a hawk killing a dove?

War prevailing over peace.

What is the Symbolism of a horseshoe tattoo?

The horseshoe for some reason symbolizes good luck.