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The well, the locked doors, the "Helen is like a safe, needs to be unlocked" quote.

The key symbolizes Helen's learning. In the beginning of the book she wanted to lock Annie out of her mind but by the end she wants to give Annie the key to her knowledge.

The doll symbolizes Helen

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What is the symbols ''garden house'' mean in the miracle worker?

its a house with a garden

When was The Miracle Worker created?

The Miracle Worker was created in 1979.

How many scenes are in The Miracle Worker?

there are three acts in the miracle worker

Who is the Protagonist on The Miracle Worker?

The protagonist in The Miracle Worker is Helen Keller.

Why was Anne Sullivan described as the Miracle Worker?

She was described as the miracle worker because she was the "miracle." The miracle was that she taught Helen how to speak.

Who is Percy from the miracle worker?

Percy in "The Miracle Worker" is a servant for the Keller family.

Who is Mildred in the Miracle Worker?

Mildred is Helen's baby sister in the Miracle Worker.

How is the title the miracle worker significance?

The "Miracle Worker" was really Anne. The miracle (Anne) was to teach Helen to speak.

Why does Jimmie walk with a crutch In the miracle worker?

In the miracle worker why does Jimmie walk with a crutch

In the miracle worker how is the pump symbolic?

The Miracle Worker is a true story and the pump is not symbolic it is just what happened.

What literary genre is the miracle worker?

"The Miracle Worker" can be described as a historical drama, or fact-based drama.

What is the miracle of the miracle worker?

The miracle of the miracle worker was Annie teaching Helen sign language and she succeeded. Helen went to college and graduated, she became an under-controlled child and very smart. that's why Annie was the miracle of the miracle worker.Well, if you are talking of a Course in Miracles worker, a miracle is any expression of love which comes over by natural impulse. Meaning a genuine smile is a miracle, a fake smile misses its purpose.

Who is jealous in the miracle worker the miracle worker?

James is the jealous one because all of the attention is on Helen all the time.

Who wrote The Miracle Worker?


What is the genre of the miracle worker?


What is known about the woman who is Viney in The Miracle Worker?

Viney, in the Miracle worker, is a negro servant for the Keller's. She lives with them and has two children, Percy and Martha.

Who is the author of The Miracle Worker?

William Gibson

What is the plot of The Miracle Worker?

Annie is the protagonist

How many pages does The Miracle Worker have?


What do they call a person who does miracles?

Miracle worker.

Was the miracle worker a true story?

Yes, it is.

What is the tone of the miracle worker?

its very mellow

View the Miracle Worker play?


Why is Anne Sullivan a Miracle worker?


Who published the miracle worker?

William Gibson