Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings

Symbols in The Kite Runner?

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January 02, 2010 9:17PM

the two main ones i know are the slingshot and the kite. the slingshot represents security and power. when assef threatens amir and hassan, Hassan uses his slingshot to scare assef away. in the second example which occurs at the end, Sohrab, Hassan's son, takes a shot at assef when he wouldn't stop beating amir. Sohrab blinds him in order to protect Amir.

The kite mostly represents escapism. During the kite competition, amir forgets about his father and the way he is treated; he focuses only on kite flying. On the other hand, when Hassan decides to run the last kite that was cut by Amir for him, he bumps into Assef, who demands that he should either hand over the kite or get beaten up. Hassan, refuses out of pride and loyalty to his friend. Therefore, he is first beaten by Assef and his two friends, and then Assef rapes him.