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unmistakable, synonym for definite transparent, synonym for clear

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clear, obvious, specific, direct, precise, straightforward, definite, overt

A synonym for "makes clear" is clarify.

clear, coherent, comprehensible, definite, distinct, eloquent, expressive, fluent, intelligible, lucid, meaningful, understandable, well-spoken

Some are: positive, sure or definite.

A synonym would be to clear up, clarify, or cite.

Words can be synonyms, yet differ in their definition or application.Synonym means: a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language.Definition means: the act of defining or making definite, distinct, or clear / the formal statement of the meaning or significance of a word, phrase, etc.

The synonym for transparent is clear and the antonym is dark.

characteristic, particular, definite, especial, exact, special

A synonym for "positive" is definite. An antonym for "positive" is negative. Please see the related link below.

synonym: scratched, marked, carved antonym: clear, smooth

equaldefinite, faultless, identical, perfect, right, verbatim

clear away, clear out, flush out, groom, make a clean sweep, spruce up

clear, crystal, see-through

Resolve, clear up, straighten out.

Authentic, definite, genuine, punctilious, and meticulous are all synonyms.

Another word for definite is certain, positive, precise, exact, sure, clear, and specific.

the synonym foe expletive is swear word people use swear words when they are in angry.... clear.......

allusive, clear, significant, important, purposeful

clear your throat, bark, hack, frog

Onion cells have a clear, definite shape.

remove, clear, withdraw, expel, move out, abandon, leave, clear, desert, quit

abandon, clear, annul, empty, depart, discharge

Yes, after the Law of definite proportions; but now it is clear that this law is not applicable to all known chemical compounds.

Yes it can be a synonym for: * understandable / comprehensible / direct * evident / plain / apparent * transparent / limpid * cloudless * devoid / empty /

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