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bounteous, copious, crawling, exuberant, filled, full, generous, heavy, lavish, liberal, overflowing, plate is full of, plenteous, plenty, profuse, rich, rolling in, stinking sufficient, teeming

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What is three synonyms and antonyms for abundant?

what are synonyms for abundant

What are synonyms of bountiful?

plentiful, abundant

What are synonyms for bumper?

exceptional, excellent, massive, jumbo, abundant, whopping

What is the synonyms of abbundant?

The word abundant means to have a lot of something. Some synonyms for this word are: plentiful, generous, copious, bountiful, or liberal.

What is a good synonym for abundant?

synonyms for abundant:amplebountifulcopiousfullgenerouslavishliberaloverflowingplentifulsufficientteeming

What are synonyms of numerous?

* many * copious * abundant * multitudinous * myriad * profuse * diverse * legion

Exsamples of synonyms?

Synonyms are more than word that mean the same thing. Some examples are: abundant and plentiful, beautiful and gorgeous, or hard and difficult.

What are some synonyms for numerous?

Many, varied, bounteous, abundant, copious, diverse, plentiful, populous, and so on.

What is a word that means Abundant?

In the New Testament, the word "abundant" (Greek huperpleonazo) means, "to overflow, to possess in excess." Modern synonyms would include "plentiful" and "copious," though the real idea behind the NT use of "abundant" is "super-plentiful," or "well more than necessary."

Synonyms of plentiful?

synonyms of plentiful

What is synonyms for the word fertile?

Synonyms for the word fertile: abundant, arable, bearing, bountiful, breeding, breedy, bringing forth, childing, fecund, feracious, flowering, fruitful, generative, gravid, plenteous, plentiful, pregnant, procreant, producing, productive, proliferant

What are synonyms for sufficient?

Adequate, enough, satisfactory, necessary, appropriate, ample, plenty, abundant, tolerable, acceptable, suitable, respectable, decent, fair, up to standard

If you looked up the word large what synonyms might you find?

big booming bulky gigantic huge collossal hefty massive plentiful abundant super humongous roomy

How abundant is Rubidium?

Very abundant, abundant as the sky.

Is quick and speedy are a synonyms antonyms or homophones?

They are synonyms.

Is 60 an abundant number or a perfect number?

60 is abundant.

Is abundant a noun?

No abundant is an adjective. Abundance is a noun

How can 74 become an abundant number?

If a number is not abundant it cannot be made abundant!

How abundant is Iron?

it is very abundant

How abundant is boron?

Very abundant

Is hydrogen abundant or rare?


Is Zinc abundant or rare?


What is the comparative of abundant?

more abundant

What is abundant as an adjective?

Abundant is an adjective.

Is strontium abundant or rare?