Tail lights don't work but brake lights do work?

The tail lights have a separate circuit from the brake lights. Start with checking the fuses and the bulbs.

Got pulled over by a sheriff couple of nights ago for this one ..... like me, it seems your "headlight dimmer control switch" has gone bad. You most likely may have highbeams but no low beam, marker, or tail lights unless you step on the brakes. If you go the Pep boys route it'll cost roughly $80. .... at least that's the quote for my 95 Grand Am, which is why I'll be checking out the area junk yard. They sell 'em for $5 ...... hope that helps. Ron J.

If your dash lights are not working check your fuse block, see owners manual, it is most likely that the fuse has blown. If it's blown then you need to replace it. (Usual cost for the fuse is under $2.00) If the fuse blows again then the short must be traced down and repaired. Start by checking the bulb sockets(see owners manual) then look in other locations were the wire might come in contact with , Look for frayed wire insulation and wrap with electrical tape. If the fuse is okay your problem is harder to solve. I'm experiencing the same problem with a '88 Ford Crown Victoria. All components are working properly. There's powe to the fuse but none to the lights. I've been working on a solution for 3 days. Tomorrow I'll run a bypass from the headlights to the parking lamps, through a 15 AMP fuse of course, as a quick fix. If you follow the previous answer and use a 2nd hand switch be advised that you may have to remoce the entire dash to access the switch to remove and replace it. Good luck -ara85936