Taken atropine eye drops orally

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Give Atropine eye drops 2 drops every 4 hours as needed for congestion.

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Q: Taken atropine eye drops orally
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Could overdose of atropine eye drops taken orally be fatal?

If they are eye drops you should NEVER take them orally. I am a nurse and if you take anything orally that isn't prescribed to be used in that way, you should contact a poison control center or go to the E.R. immediatley.

Why would atropine eye drops be used orally by hospice?

Atropine drops are often used sublingually in patients that are very close to death to help alleviate oral secretions.

Does Visine cause diarrea?

Yes, it can. Some of the ingredients in OTC eye drops can make a person or animal VERY VERY sick if taken orally. Do not ever give eye drops orally!

Can you use atropine eye drops under tongue?

what happens if you put ATROPINE 1% IN YOUR MOUTH?can atropine kill a person or burn somebodys mouth or is it only for the eyes and no were else

When instructing a patient to self administer atropine eye drops?

Intradermal injections are correctly administered when the tech

Can eye dilation drops cause atrial fibrillation?

The amount of atropine in these eyedrops is insufficient to cause atrial fib. Many medications actually contain trace amounts of atropine to discourage abuse.

How long does it take atropine eye drops to wear off?

Just stopped using Atropine following eye surgery. The doctor says that it will be two weeks before the effects wear off. Be prepared for heightened sensitivity to the sun or bright lights until then.

What is the name of the liquid used dilate the pupils of the eye?


How do you use eye drops in your eye?

You use eye drops to clear your eye if it is pink or not clear

How many drops in 10 ml of eye drops?

How many drops in 5 ml of eye drops

How many days does it take cipro to work in eye infections?

Cipro shouldn't be used orally to treat an eye infection. However, if you use "ciprofloxacin eye drops", it should take 2 days (48 hours) to see an improvment. If your cipro eye drops don't work after 2 days, you should see the doctor again.

What does od mean in eye drops?

"od" on a prescription for eye drops mean "right eye"--as in apply the drops to the right eye. "os" means "left eye".

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